Watson requests full medical records from accusers


Previously released video: Watson marketing manager says accuser demanded $30,000

HOUSTON, Texas (WJW) — The Fox 8 I-Team continues to monitor new developments in sexual assault complaints filed against Browns QB Deshaun Watson.

A hearing has been set for May 9 in Harris County District Court in Texas for a judge to rule on Watson’s requests to obtain full medical records from his 22 accusers.

As the I-Team first reported on Thursday, Watson’s attorneys, Rusty Hardin and Leah Graham, filed a motion requesting the records.

The 22 accusers are represented by attorney Tony Buzbee. Watson’s attorneys say Buzbee did not produce all of the records.

“Even though each of Mr. Buzbee’s clients alleges that ‘the plaintiff suffered mental anguish as a result of Watson’s behavior,’ only four plaintiffs produced medical records,” the petition states. “These cases have been on file for over a year, and not a single plaintiff has produced a complete set of medical records, bills, or mental health treatment records.”

Watson’s attorneys say they believe there are inconsistencies in the accusers’ allegations. They maintain that Watson denies all the allegations.

“Consider, for example, the case of plaintiff Lauren Baxley who was Mr. Watson’s most vocal public accuser,” the motion reads. “Without the benefit of full medical records, counsel for Mr. Watson deposed Ms. Baxley’s treating therapist and designated expert, Mary Magdalene Smith, who for the purposes of this litigation diagnosed Ms. Baxley with ‘complex PTSD’.

During the deposition, Watson’s attorney asked the counselor if she knew that Baxley had communicated with Watson on several occasions, after the first massage, where she alleged sexual misconduct.

“Did you know that Mrs. Baxley responded to Mr. Watson 19 times after the day of the massage with him?” asked the lawyer. ” By text message. She contacted him 19 times.

Smith replied, “No. I wasn’t aware of that.”

Watson’s attorney also questioned whether the new information, that Baxley had spoken to Watson on several occasions, had changed his opinion.

“Well, that certainly doesn’t sound like trauma,” Smith said. “If she’s able to talk to him and is ready to give another massage.”

Smith also said in depositions that all of his sessions were on the phone with Baxley.

Buzbee told I-Team that it’s not uncommon for victims to stay in touch with their attackers.

Smith, a licensed counsellor, also said in the deposition that “as frightened as she claimed and traumatized, I think it would be highly unlikely that she would want to respond or – anyway, text or otherwise.”

The I-Team also reported that another of the accusers contacted Watson’s marketing manager before the lawsuit was filed, demanding money in exchange for his silence. The woman reportedly wanted $30,000.

Buzbee said its customers are solid and credible. He says he will win the cases in civil court.

Watson faces no criminal charges. Two Texas grand juries declined to indict the 26-year-old on any criminal charges.

Watson has denied all the allegations and said he is eager to clear his name.


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