VA will equip all EMS agencies with the Handtevy system

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The Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has chosen to offer the Handtevy suite of lifesaving tools to EMS agencies across the state.

Handtevy was founded by Dr. Peter Antevy, a nationally recognized expert in the field of prehospital pediatrics.

“The Virginia Office of EMS is very pleased to enter into this collaboration with the EMS regional councils of Virginia and Handtevy to integrate this technology into the EMS system,” said Gary Brown, director of the state office of EMS. “Giving pediatric patients the highest level of treatment and transportation has always been a priority for our office, and this collaboration will serve to improve that level of treatment now and in the future. “

The rollout will be associated with Handtevy’s signature educational offerings, which include the nationally accredited Handtevy course.

The company’s core technology solution, known as Handtevy Mobile, will also be deployed to cellular devices, including tablets and mobile phones, bringing crucial and life-saving technology within the reach of the EMS team.

Combining high impact education with an app that can be used in real time and that integrates with the prehospital medical record is the pioneering breakthrough by the Handtevy team. EMS staff and other frontline healthcare professionals in all 50 states use Handtevy Mobile to get accurate dosing of pediatric emergency medications in seconds. These doses are personalized based on each department’s unique form and integrate seamlessly with the electronic health record to ensure accurate and timely documentation.

Handtevy Mobile includes ‘CPR Assist’, an app feature that directs high performance EMS teams through the highly regulated cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) package. Using the auditory and visual cues provided by the app, clinicians accurately maintain compression and ventilation rates, defibrillate as needed, and administer precise medications and equipment, while documenting the event in real time. This is a unique feature that alleviates the chaos of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest for children and adults.

In pediatric emergencies, seconds count and major emergency departments count on Handtevy to help save lives.


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