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On-air televised chaos erupted this week on US talk show The View in what one network insider described as a “national security scare.” Co-hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were taken off set during a live broadcast moments before Vice President Kamala Harris was scheduled to appear in person. It was later revealed on the show that the two hosts had contracted Covid, casting the expected disarray with the vice president.

Vice President Harris’ scheduled in-person appearance was delayed and ultimately took place remotely in the show’s final segment – with an interview that lasted just eight minutes.

Ms Navarro and Ms Hostin came out at the start of the show, but after returning from a hiatus, co-host Joy Behar said: “It looks like something is going on here that I’m not aware of. 100%.”

At this point, in a dramatic TV moment, the producers asked the couple to leave the set immediately.

During an impromptu commercial break, the set was sanitized, as co-host Joy Behar rushed to explain the situation to viewers.

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She said: “Sunny and Ana have apparently tested positive for Covid.

“It doesn’t matter how hard we try to make these things happen. They probably have a revolutionary case.

“They will be fine I’m sure because they are both vaccinated.”

Ms Behar acknowledged that the on-air deletion “was going to be in the news any minute.”

Medical specialist Dr Saju Mathew told CNN: “It could have been a blow to the vice president.

“I think the ball fell somewhere. How did these anchors not know about their test in advance?”

A White House official said Ms Harris did not interact with any of the hosts, according to CNN.

An ABC insider told it was a “monumental failure.”

The anonymous insider said, “This is a national security risk. If Sunny and Ana had met Kamala, she would have been in danger.

“What a total waste of her time. I doubt we will be able to book her again.”



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