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The Fall Collaboratorium will be held in person and virtually on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Seven teams from across the University of Chicago will present next week at the Collaboratorium, which brings together Chicago Booth students with researchers and faculty exploring opportunities for commercializing their work.

“The Collaboratorium connects members of the UChicago community from across campus in ways they might not otherwise have interacted with,” said Ellen Zatkowski, deputy director of the Polsky Center and director of the Collaboratorium. “These connections between world-class scientists and talented students foster strong collaborations that have generated tremendous impact by bringing cutting-edge technologies to the world.”

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The event will take place in person, Tuesday, September 28, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Harper Center at the Chicago Booth School of Business in Hyde Park. There will be a virtual component for participants who cannot attend on campus.

The teams present include:

  • Gateway biome // Gateway Biome is developing a comprehensive and predictive diagnostic tool that can define a healthy microbiome, which is not currently possible. The uniqueness of the team’s solution may hopefully inform future interventions and treatments for microbiome diseases.
  • Inclusive health // The team is developing a patient-centric digital medical solution providing comprehensive care and specialty pharmacy services to the LGBTQIA + community.
  • Innoface // Innoface is developing a scientifically validated face generation and inference tool using deep learning with a wide range of potential applications in the market.
  • Open data platform // The team is developing an open data platform to provide easy access to data and rapid reproducibility of data analyzes with applications in education, nonprofits and mass media.
  • Personal tumor models // The team’s goal is to enable a person to order an accurate 3D printed model of their own tumor. Physicians can also use this tool to communicate disease and treatment options for personalized medicine.
  • Si-Light // Si-Light has designed a set of biological modulation methods based on the interaction of light with semiconductor materials and devices. They are exploring applications in medical implants and the electroceutical industry.
  • Sound flow // SoundFlow is developing a new generation of optofluidic technologies using flow and sound waves to control liquid crystals. These technologies expand the possibilities of creating displays with exciting potential to improve contrast ratio, response times, resolution and more.

The Collaboratorium provides researchers and technologists with a platform to present their research, technologies or ideas. Through discussions with students, participating researchers develop a better understanding of how to seize a business opportunity. The event also puts these researchers in contact with students and alumni of UCicago with whom they might be interested in a partnership to embark on one of the following aspirations: pursuit of university studies, market research, business partnership or participation in a Polsky Center program, such as the I-Body Program.

Former participants include BiomeSense, Surgical Explorer, NetMicroscope, Resilient game studio, Therapeutic Seurat, and Super.tech.

Questions? Contact Ellen Zatkowski.



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