Tri-state group protest for medical freedom



On Thursday night, the Tri-State Medical Liberty group gathered outside Ascension St. Vincent Hospital in Evansville to protest what they call medical freedom.

“We only stand up for our basic human rights, and this is the raison d’être of our country,” said Mike Wilson, a protester at the rally.

Healthcare workers and other support people have come to protest against hospitals in the tri-state forcing employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Protesters held up signs saying “Freedom, not strength” and “I choose freedom” to express their frustration with the mandate.

“We would just prefer it to be a choice, which it was initially, if employees wanted to get vaccinated they could, and that’s how I think it should be maintained,” said Holly Huber, coordinator of the event.

In August, hospitals across the tri-state informed workers they were due to receive the vaccine by the end of October, and the group has been rallying around Evansville since the news broke.

“We hit Green River Rd. A few times so we decided, as their deadlines were approaching, that we would be right outside the hospitals on the sidewalks,” Huber said.

As the deadline approaches, the group say they want their voice to be heard and for change to happen.

“Let people work, you know if they fire nurses, who’s going to run the hospitals?” Wilson said.

A continuing dilemma across the country, both sides are taking action for their concerns.



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