TPT Global Tech Affiliate TPT MedTech Partners with St. Augustine Medical Services (SAMS) Granada to Provide Full Covid Testing Capabilities in Grenada



TPT provides the first “QuikLAB” Covid test lab and will deploy the “QuikPASS” passport verification and verification platform in conjunction with SAMS testing capabilities near the international airport

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / TPT Global Tech, Inc. (“TPTW or the Company”) (OTCBB: TPTW) today announced that its subsidiary TPT MedTech is in partnership with St. Augustine Medical Services (SAMS ) www.samsgrenada .com from Grenada to expand its Point of Service (POC) operations in the Caribbean. TPT has just delivered the first of its “QuikLAB ™” mobile labs to the island and will work with SAMS to combine its testing capabilities with TPT’s Check and Verify Passport “QuikPASS ™” technology platform to deliver accurately and efficiently. Covid tests for tourists, local citizens and government agencies.

SAMS is a leading provider of respiratory infection detection in Granada, taking the guesswork out of syndromic testing using a multiplex PCR test. This methodology takes a sample from a patient and combines it with several possible pathogens into a single test, with results in about an hour. Coupled with TPT’s “QuickPASS” verification and verification system, the partnership will provide one of the most robust testing, tracking and reporting systems in the Caribbean.

“We strive to protect our citizens and visitors to our island at all times and working with the medical division of TPT on a comprehensive testing program will add to what we have already done,” said LN Amechi MD, Director General of St. Augustine Medical Services. “We have seen what TPT has done elsewhere in the Caribbean and know that this matches the protections we want to put in place here.”

Tourists in the country who are tested by an approved “QuikLAB” facility will need to download the “QuikLAB” app, get tested, and present and display their “QuikPASS” report results electronically via a QR code on their app ” QuikLAB “. Once cleared to travel, tourists show or scan their “QuikPASS” QR code which displays their HIPPA-compliant test records to verify that they have been tested within the required time frame, leaving them free to return home. The company has successfully managed its QuikLAB and QuikPass technology platform in Jamaica, where international travelers from both Montego Bay and Kingston international airports use the QuikPASS verification platform to return home to their respective countries.

Travelers from Grenada to the US, Canada, UK and other countries can use “QuikPASS” or other available COVID passport apps or get tested at any approved facility and show their negative COVID-19 laboratory test results at the airport in the form of written documentation (electronic or printed) for authorization to travel. The CDC and other foreign authorities have demanded that all travelers returning from the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America be tested before arriving in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. TPT MedTech Caribbean will charge QuikLAB customers $ 85 for an antigen test and $ 120 for a PCR test in Grenada. Before Covid, Grenada saw 4 million tourists enter and leave the country each year.

“We are looking for partners who are a good match for our technology and systems and St. Augustine is a perfect match. As we continue to expand our footprint in the Caribbean as a leader in the fight against infectious diseases, Covid 19 and all variations, additional partners will be sought and we hope to be able to further develop our presence and revenue opportunities through such agreements, ”said Stephen Thomas, CEO of TPT Global Tech.

TPT MedTech has developed its “QuikPASSâ„¢“Check and verify passport system and Covid 19 / Vaccination monitoring platform to serve businesses, government organizations, schools, airlines, hospitals, event venues, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. TPT solutions will verify and verify that an individual has been tested for Covid 19 as well as those vaccinated. TPT will provide proof that people are able to travel or access sites with the idea that everyone world inside this site would be virus-free. The “QuikPASS” “Check and Verify” passport-style platform works with third-party testing labs and organizations that participate in the “QuikPASS” network and will be offered FREE to U.S. domestic and international commerce, and government organizations around the world.

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