Thousands Demonstrate for “Medical Freedom” Against Vaccination Warrants


The grounds of the State Capitol in St. Paul were busy this weekend, with a Line 3 protest giving way to a full-scale protest against vaccination warrants.

The so-called medical freedom rally started at 7 a.m. just outside the state fair, with protesters marching to the capital, according to an announcement by state representative Jeremy Munson (R-Lac Crystal).

Protesters converged on the Capitol grounds around noon to hear Munson and other lawmakers, including Representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria), speak out against the vaccination warrants.

According to the Star Tribune, some 2,000 protesters heard speeches from “about half a dozen Republican lawmakers and two gubernatorial candidates,” all of whom expressed opposition to the COVID-19 restrictions.

According to MPR reporter Tim Nelson, Franson told the crowd to resist vaccines and COVID warrants, calling them “predicates of authoritarianism.”

In a follow-up post on Facebook, Franson urged his supporters to put pressure on state lawmakers, promising that “legislation” – presumably aimed at blocking such warrants – “will (again) be proposed for the next one. session”.

“Today was a great start to sending the message that your body does not belong to big governments, big pharma, big tech and big business,” she wrote.

The rally came shortly after a multi-day protest against Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 pipeline project, which ended on Friday when state soldiers arrived and made several arrests on the ground of the capital, causing controversy on social networks.

There is no news of any arrests at the medical freedom rally.

The event was not one-off; there have been a number of medical freedom rallies statewide in recent days, including one to Brainerd, another in Little Falls and yet another in Saint-Cloud.

And it’s not limited to Minnesota either. Such gatherings are organized around the country as debate over COVID restrictions intensifies amid growing infections of Delta variants.

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