The H. Hartley jr. Teaching health center continues to grow compassionate doctors



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The Brodes H. Hartley Jr. Teaching Health Center continues to continue its legacy of training the next generation of health care providers in South Florida.

“As the premier educational health center in Florida, we are committed to continuing to train better clinicians with diverse backgrounds, ready to provide high quality service,” said Dr. Saint Anthony Amofah, vice president principal, medical and academic director of CHI.

In 2014, CHI made headlines by becoming the first Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) designated teacher health center in Florida. Currently, the Brodes H. Hartley Jr. Teaching Health Center at Community Health of South Florida Inc. has a total of 27 residents trained in the following areas: family medicine and psychiatry.

“Our residents are constantly working in an always busy environment. They are provided with real world environments in which they have to use their skills to provide the best service to the South Florida community, ”said Dr. Amofah.

CHI management voted to name the program in honor of their CEO, Brodes H. Hartley Jr., for his dedication to teaching, mentoring and training the next generation of healthcare professionals. Hartley came up with the idea of ​​creating the Teaching Health Center at CHI in response to nationwide predictions of a physician shortage.

“During CHI’s 50th anniversary, I especially want to recognize Colonel Hartley’s dedication and dedication to our future generation of healthcare providers,” said Dr Amofah. “Without his heritage, we would not be who we are today.”

Faculty members took inspiration from Hartley’s vision, improving the program year after year. While residents will graduate with CHI as their official training site, they also work in local hospitals and

with local specialists. Larkin Community Hospital, Jackson South, and Jackson North Medical Centers serve as affiliated hospitals. In 2020, residents provided medical services to more than 10,000 patients through CHI and its affiliated hospitals.

“Our residents work with a variety of patients. They learn to work with many challenges, especially non-compliant patients who seek treatment late, ”Dr Amofah said.

The CHI Teaching Health Center provides residents with a community setting.

Residents experience beneficial partnerships in the community, such as HIV / AIDS and school-based programs, and have the opportunity to conduct public research.

“We help our residents build character. They learn to excel at public speaking and provide proactive risk assessment measures that will impact the community, ”said Dr Amofah.

Resident Dr. Katina Richardson will graduate in 2023. She said CHI was feeling good and it was ultimately her first choice.

“I was first drawn to CHI because the program aligned with my values ​​and goals,” said Dr. Richardson. “CHI provides healthcare in an accessible and easy-to-navigate manner. CHI understands that keeping our communities healthy is essential.

Dr Jean Mandat graduated from the program in 2018. He believes it is a privilege for any potential physician to receive their training at CHI.

“During my training at CHI, I have met some of the most intelligent, reliable and supportive co-residents, treating physicians and non-clinical staff,” said Dr Mandat. “All of the experiences I have had and the lives that have been touched during my training at CHI have served to build character. It was the foundation of my journey to independent medical practice. “

As CHI positions itself as one of the best educational health centers, the competition becomes more and more difficult each year as future providers discover the value of the programs.

“We want to continue to attract the best residents from across the country,” Dr Amofah said. “I am sure that our Health Education Center will continue to make many achievements in the community. “

Looking ahead, CHI’s vision is for the Brodes H. Hartley Jr. Teaching Health Center to become one of the nation’s premier educational institutions. He is committed to achieving this goal by providing unique training experiences, creating competent and compassionate physicians.

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