The earthquake toll in Haiti exceeds 2,200. Here’s how to help you


A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti more than a week ago.

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The death toll in Haiti stands at 2,207 people due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the Caribbean country on August 14. The earthquake was followed by Through the tropical depression days later, a cyclone caused flooding and delayed search and rescue efforts.

Rescue workers continue to search for earthquake survivors – more than 300 people are still missing – and have brought food and other essentials to provide medical care. Many Haitians are now homeless – more than 84,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, NBC News reported. Haiti can use whatever help it can get, whether it is cash donations, medical supplies, water or food.

But before you take out your wallet and enter your credit card details, make sure that you examine the charity. Here’s how you can help make an impact. We will continue to update this story.

Relief organizations help Haiti

  • CARE is a non-governmental organization in Haiti that has an emergency response team delivering supplies to people affected by the earthquake. You can make a donation in cash or in care packages.
  • The Lambi Fund of Haiti accepts donations through PayPal to help provide water, food, and other supplies to those in need.
  • The Organization of the Family Action Network movement accepts medical supplies, over-the-counter medications, water cases, non-perishable foods, and personal protective equipment. You can also donate money.
  • Convoy of Hope plans to donate one million meals to those affected by the earthquake. The organization also distributes hygiene kits and shelter supplies. You can help by donate to your relief fund.
  • The What if the Foundation is trying to raise $ 50,000 in relief funds to support mobile health clinics, clean water and food, basic necessities and long-term recovery efforts.
  • The Organization of the Global Empowerment Mission, who also helped survivors of the The collapse of the Champlain Tower in Miami, accepts donations to send food, hygiene kits, medical supplies and PPE to Haiti.
  • The Hope for Haiti organization has emergency kits ready for distribution in all affected areas of the country. Its team works and lives in the community and is made up of Haitian doctors, nurses and program managers. You can donate to her earthquake relief fund.
  • HaitiOne asks for emergency response gifts to help pay for medical bills and items to help families, such as meals and water filtration kits.
  • Hope Project partners with local organizations for emergency response and offers immediate assistance by distributing personal protective equipment and health kits. The organization is now accept donations.
  • The Florida Haitian American Nurses Association accepts donations to aid relief efforts in Haiti.
  • The Fonkoze The organization is collecting donations to help provide hygiene kits to affected people in Haiti. Kits include water purification tablets, antibacterial soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, sanitizer, alcohol swabs, toilet paper and more.
  • The Haiti Emergency Aid Fund accepts money to be sent directly to Haitians in need.

Others involved in the Haiti relief effort

  • professional tennis player Naomi Osaka tweeted that she will give away all the prizes from her next tournament to help relief efforts in Haiti, where her father is from.
  • Carel Pedre, a Haitian radio and television personality, tweeted a list of people you can contact of the Emergency Operations Committee if you would like to help.
  • Richard Cave, a Haitian musical artist, made a video post on Instagram ask for help in sending supplies.
  • President Joe Biden said “we support efforts to assess the damage and help efforts to recover those who have been injured and those who now need to rebuild,” in a White House press release.


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