Stroke patient reunites with good Samaritan, healthcare team


National Stroke Month emphasizes symptom awareness and the importance of quick action

On March 25, 2022, Spring Township’s Larry Moyer had completed his regular workout at PA Fitness when he collapsed following a stroke in the locker room. Luckily, Paul Tanis and another gym patron spotted him lying on the floor and asked gym manager Dorrine Griesbaum to call 9-1-1 immediately. Their quick action and the response from the local ambulance and Reading Hospital team saved Mr Moyer’s life.

On Sunday, May 22, in recognition of National Stroke Month, Mr. Moyer met with those involved in his treatment, including Mr. Tanus, Ms. Griesbaum, Jake Schweitzer and David Stemler, the two first responders from Western Berks Ambulance Association who treated Mr. Moyer on the way to Reading Hospital and Ahmad Al-Sibai, MD, Tower Health Medical Group Neurology.

“I cannot stress how essential it is to call 9-1-1 when someone is suffering from a stroke,” said Vaibhav Goswami, MD, Tower Health Medical Group Neurology – West Reading. “When treating a stroke, every second counts. EMS alerts our team so that we are ready when the patient arrives and can begin testing and treatment immediately.

When Mr. Moyer arrived at the hospital, he was paralyzed on the right side and his speech was affected. The stroke team acted quickly and treated him with IV t-PA to dissolve the blood clot. Within an hour of receiving the treatment he began to regain sensation on the right side of his body and within 24 hours he had no more paralysis or slurred speech. After six days in hospital, Mr. Moyer was released without restrictions.

“I spoke with Larry before, so I knew something serious was going on,” Mr. Tanis said. “While others called 9-1-1, I waited with him until an ambulance arrived. I didn’t know it was a stroke, but he presented the classic warning signs I’ve always heard of – when he tried to speak, his words were slurred and one side of his face was drooping. I’m so glad he’s made a full recovery. We all need to get together. help each other and that’s what I hope anyone would do in a similar situation.

Mr. Moyer has fully recovered since the stroke. He said: “Six days after the stroke, I was discharged from the hospital. Everyone involved was my angels. Each did exactly the right thing – call 9-1-1, get me to the hospital, and give me the anti-clot medication. I am so lucky to recover and have a second chance at life.

Reading Hospital is certified as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission. This important designation means that the hospital is fully equipped and staffed to provide rapid, state-of-the-art stroke assessment and treatment, offering clot-busting medication administration and clot-retrieval procedures. Additionally, Reading Hospital was recently named one of the nation’s top 10% for stroke care (2006-2022) and is the only hospital in Pennsylvania to win the Healthgrades Excellence Award. Stroke Care for 16 consecutive years (2007-2022). ).


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