Steven M. Sipple: Give Frost credit for the team’s good read; and young Raiola visit NU again | Column



Make no mistake, there are some veteran Nebraska players who make critical mistakes. On Saturday, the Huskers’ first two false start penalties went to fifth-year junior Matt Sichterman and sophomore Cam Jurgens, a third-year center starter. Defensive lineman Deontre Thomas, who pulled the first quarter flag for throwing quarterback Payton Thorne to the ground, is also a fifth-year junior.

Frost is on the right track, however, when he says Nebraska has a lot of players doing it right.

“Those who don’t do it right have to hear it from those who do it,” he said of the importance of top players.

His background as a coach at UCF and as a player in Nebraska suggests that he fully understands what is required for a team to win at a high level. Nebraska is currently showing many signs of growth. But 3 and a half years after the start of the construction process, growing frustration is obviously a problem. It’s a problem in the fan base, but more importantly, it could be a problem among its players.

It is something to watch closely in the future. I guess the Nebraska team managers (led by Adrian Martinez) will keep the team pointed in the right direction and play with fire. Defense plays at a high level. It’s a critical stabilizer, and Frost’s knee bouncing up and down indicates his fire is still burning hot.

* Dylan Raiola, a 2024 quarterback rookie, received a scholarship offer from Texas on Saturday morning. He is the son of Dominic Raiola, the great Husker of all time. The Raiola family will be on hand for Saturday’s game against Northwestern, on an unofficial visit. The Huskers are very much alive in recruiting Raiola. But this Texas offer is important in part because Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian, like Frost, prides himself on coaching QB and also calls the offense. Additionally, the Raiolas now reside in Burleson, Texas, about 2.5 hours from Austin.



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