StartUPDATES: New developments from healthcare startups

Carrum Health announced a partnership with hug (Nasdaq: ACCD) to deliver a fully integrated healthcare experience with proven cost savings and better care outcomes. Accolade customers can now easily activate Carrum’s value-based COE program through their existing contract and quickly offer their employees access to personalized advice and treatment from the best suppliers who have been rigorously evaluated and selected on the market. ‘assistance industry-leading quality algorithms.

“When faced with a major medical event such as surgery, cancer, or childbirth, patients are often overwhelmed by the healthcare system and, even worse, the financial stress and uncertainty of medical bills. Carrum Health gives patients peace of mind by ensuring the most appropriate, highest quality care for no or minimal expense,” said Brent Nicholson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Carrum Health. “Our partnership with Accolade proves further that there is a better way to pay for and deliver health care, especially now that employers are looking to reduce health care costs while providing better outcomes and experiences for their employees.”

Carrum Health is the only COE provider to offer a patient-facing app to guide members through their COE experience and has also launched the industry’s first group cancer care for employers, in partnership with the nation’s leading cancer institutions such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and City of Hope. The platform supports members in need of musculoskeletal, bariatric, oncology, cardiac and maternity care via a value-based bundled payment solution.

Organic Monod, a life sciences company developing personalized diagnostic biosensors, raised a $25 million funding round. Matrix Capital led the round, with participation from Global Health Investment Corp., Cercano Management, The Washington Research Foundation, Boom Capital Ventures, Sahsen Ventures and Pack Ventures.

“We can now design custom biosensors that have specific functions, and this seed funding allows us to shine a light on specific molecules such as viruses or biomarkers, and start building prototypes that can then become real diagnostics.” , said Daniel-Adriano Silva, Monod Bio CEO and co-founder, in the press release.

“We know that these new biosensors can easily detect viral proteins or antibodies in simulated nasal fluid or donated serum. Our next goal is to ensure that they can be used reliably in a diagnostic context. Monod Bio’s work illustrates the power of de novo protein design to create molecular devices from scratch with useful new functions,” said David Baker, Ph.D., Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Endowed Professor of Biochemistry at Washington University School of Medicine. and the co-founder of Monod Bio, according to the release.

This week, Sema4 cut 250 people, or about 13% of its workforce, as part of a series of cost-cutting measures initiated in the first half. Founder Eric Schadt has resigned as president and director of research and development, as well as his position as a director of the company. Since the start of 2022, Sema4 has cut 30% of the company’s positions.

Evry Health, a health technology company focused on employer health insurance, has expanded into Austin, Houston and San Antonio from its Dallas-Fort Worth base. The startup, which launched earlier this year, has developed automation software tools aimed at reducing healthcare costs for businesses.

“Expanding our services outside of DFW will help thousands more people access great benefits without having to pay exorbitant prices,” said Chris Gay, CEO of Evry Health, in a press release. “Our team has worked hard to provide an innovative group health insurance plan within reach of residents of Austin, San Antonio and Houston.”

Trullaa leading provider of pharmacy procurement software to the healthcare industry, was acquired by SpendRepaira company that develops solutions to optimize the healthcare cost cycle.

Curtis McEntire, CEO of Trulla, founded the company in 2018. McEntire is a former pharmacy procurement and supply chain executive at Intermountain Healthcare.

SpendMend’s acquisition of Trulla is being made in partnership with Morgan Stanley Capital Partners as part of a strategic initiative to increase the value of the SpendMend Pharmacy division, according to the press release.

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