Startup Chronic-Gut-Health Startup Salvo Health’s Seed-Round Pitch Deck

  • Three Silicon Valley founders and executives have teamed up to create a new health tech startup.
  • The founders of Foursquare, Compass and Seamless have created a virtual startup for chronic bowel issues.
  • Here’s the pitch deck Salvo Health used to raise $10.5 million in seed funding.

A trio of well-known Silicon Valley founders are teaming up to create a new chronic disease startup, and they’ve just raised a massive seed round to break into the health tech industry.

Salvo Health, which provides virtual care for chronic conditions, just closed a $10.5 million funding round led by Threshold Ventures. Torch Capital and Felicis, along with the founders of fellow health tech startups Ginger and Forward Health, also participated in the round.

The startup is enjoying an explosion of so-called supergiant seed rounds, a term coined by Crunchbase to describe seed funding rounds of at least $10 million. During the downturn in venture capital during the current economic downturn, many start-ups have had better luck raising funds than their late-stage counterparts.

Founded last year, Salvo Health currently focuses on gastrointestinal issues, which affect between 60 and 70 million people in the United States. reflux, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and celiac disease.

Salvo’s founders are no strangers to success in Silicon Valley: Jeff Glueck is the former CEO of startup Foursquare and founded travel startup, which was acquired by Travelocity in 2002. Jason Finger co-founded food delivery startup Seamless, and Avi Dorfman is a founding member of real estate startup Compass. This is the trio’s first foray into the world of health technology.

Glueck told Insider in an interview that chronic bowel disease is hard to treat, especially in the United States, which inspired them to take the plunge.

“I’ve built meaningful companies transforming travel and location technology, but I deeply wanted to do something mission-driven in healthcare,” he said. “My wife and I experienced the heartbreaking loss of our first child at the end of her pregnancy, and it reminded me of how slow health care can be in adopting scientific approaches and how difficult it can be. to find medical specialists to treat chronic conditions.”

“Bowel conditions can’t be fixed with a brochure and a six-month follow-up appointment — it all depends on what happens between doctor visits,” Glueck said. He added that Salvo’s membership model and all-in-one care team is in most cases much more affordable than meeting several specialists independently each month, which could cost between $500 and $900.

Some pharma and therapeutic startups are competing in gut health, such as MetaME Health, focused on IBS, and Mozart and Sitari, focused on celiac disease. In chronic care, startups like heart disease-focused Hello Heart have recently raised funding rounds.

Another competitor, Parsley Health, which virtually treats a host of chronic conditions through a membership model, raised $35 million.

While Salvo is currently focused on gastrointestinal issues, Glueck said the startup eventually plans to expand its “Whole Self Science” – which brings together a holistic care team of doctors and health coaches to manage issues. current health – to other chronic diseases. For its current gut health offering, Salvo’s care teams consist of board-certified physicians and behavioral health coaches, in addition to care navigators, registered dietitians, and other therapy and lifestyle change experts. .

Here’s an exclusive look at the 23-page pitch deck Salvo Health used to raise $10.5 million in seed funding.


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