Shaw 20th Medical Group Upgrades to GENESIS Military Health System



SHAW AIR FORCE BASE – The 20th Medical Group will begin transitioning to the Military Health System (MHS) GENESIS on September 24. Patients can expect to see increased wait times and reduced available appointments for approximately 90 days as care teams adapt their office and clinic practices to new standardized workflows.

MHS GENESIS is the new electronic health record system used in military hospitals and clinics around the world. Fort Jackson announced its transition to MHS GENESIS earlier this month via The Sumter Item.

“MHS GENESIS is a monumental change to the Department of Defense electronic health record that will allow service members to have a single health care record throughout their military career and eventually beyond their military career. AV,” Colonel Michell Archebelle said. , Commander of the 20th Medical Group. “This is a major step forward that will effectively streamline member health records and eliminate the days of paper records being carried by hand from base to base. We are confident this change will bring value to all of our beneficiaries.”

The MHS GENESIS system is the centerpiece of a larger transformation to standardize, integrate and securely manage medical records within the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The medical record provides data to care teams wherever patients receive treatment, whether at a Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, or US Coast Guard medical facility. This record will remain with service members from the time of enlistment until veteran status.

Next steps for patients using the Shaw Clinic

The TRICARE online patient portal will be replaced by the new GENESIS patient portal on September 24. Patients will be able to access the new GENESIS patient portal at effective immediately.

Patients should take steps now to prepare for the implementation of MHS GENESIS, including:

– Create a DS LOGON account in order to access the GENESIS patient portal without a common access card on the following website:

– Update service member and dependent information in the Defense Enlistment Eligibility Reporting System by visiting or the nearest military personnel flight.

– Pharmacy wait times will increase during this transition period. Recipients should ensure they have prescription refills on hand, consider using a TRICARE Network retail pharmacy, or consider signing up for TRICARE home delivery. For more information on home delivery, visit

More information for Shaw Clinic patients

– TRICARE Online will be degraded from September 16 and its secure messaging capability will stop working on September 21. Beneficiaries can always call (803) 895-2273 to message their provider team, with the exception of September 23, when the 20th Medical Group appointment line is closed.

– The appointment line of the 20th medical group will be closed on September 23. Beneficiaries can always call NAL at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), option 1, to receive nursing triage.

– If they require a primary care or specialty care appointment, patients should book as soon as possible to avoid delays during the MHS GENESIS transition. This includes athletic physiques.

– To book an appointment, 20th Medical Group recommends first calling the Appointment Line at (803) 895-2273 to book an open appointment or an appointment reopened due to cancellation . If there is no availability, another option is to go to a TRICARE-authorized urgent care center for same-day acute care. With the exception of active-duty service members, recipients do not need to be referred for care at a TRICARE-approved urgent care center.

– The Nursing Advice Line (NAL) can triage and help get appropriate care. NAL can also create referrals for active duty members to use Urgent Care Centers. When you are seen off base, if possible, request a copy of the paper records and bring them to your next appointment with your primary care manager or primary care provider. Call NAL at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273), option 1.

The 20th Medical Group appreciates your patience as we transition to a system that will dramatically improve and streamline patient care across the Department of Defense.


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