Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals and KangaBio Established Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Antibody Development and Innovation


SHANGHAI, August 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Sanyou) and Shanghai KangaBio Co., Ltd. (KangaBio) have entered into an Antibody License Agreement, regarding a proprietary monoclonal antibody developed by Sanyou, which grants KangaBio an exclusive license to exploit the antibody for research, development, manufacturing and marketing of immunotherapy products . KangaBio, as a rising biotechnology company, is committed to developing innovative prodrugs and delivering innovative drugs to address unmet clinical needs. While Sanyou is a high-tech biological enterprise that focuses on innovative antibody drug R&D services. Based on the respective industrial strengths and resources of both companies, Sanyou and KangaBio will work together to contribute to the development of innovative prodrugs for immunotherapy.

Previously, KangaBio and Sanyou entered into a collaboration agreement on two monoclonal antibody drugs developed by Sanyou and signed a high-level term sheet. In addition to the licensing of drug candidates, the two companies have also successively achieved collaborative development, commissioned R&D, technical services and other forms of staged R&D collaboration. Sanyou makes full use of its 6 kinds of integrated one-stop innovative antibody drug services, 11 kinds of flexible and adaptable antibody drug R&D technical services and 11 kinds of varied antibody generation services to fully support the development of drugs of KangaBio.

dr. Weidong Jiangfounder and CEO of KangaBio, said: “We are delighted with this collaboration. KangaBio is committed to developing low toxicity, high efficacy immuno-agonists as well as innovative multi-specific antibody prodrugs. This strategic partnership with Sanyou is expected to utilize the advantages of international leader Sanyou’s value transformation and development platform to further enrich KangaBio’s innovative product portfolio, accelerate R&D of our innovative antibodies and meet unmet clinical needs. satisfied.

dr. Guojun Langfounder and CEO of Sanyou, said, “We are extremely honored to collaborate with KangaBio again. During the many past collaborations, Sanyou has saved valuable time with the preclinical R&D of drugs for KangaBio, thanks to the complete system of innovative drug development and rich industrialization experiences. The close collaboration also demonstrates the strong complementarity of our corporate structure. We look forward to further communication and collaboration with KangaBio in the future and hope that this collaboration will bring benefits to the development of KangaBio. Sanyou and Kanga will team up to accomplish remarkable achievements.

About KangaBio

KangaBio was founded in 2021 by Dr. Weidong Jiang. KangaBio is a biotechnology company specializing in providing innovative medicines to address unmet medical needs. KangaBio is committed to developing prodrugs of immunostimulating agents and other multispecific biological agents to avoid toxicities for previously validated targets and to increase drug efficacy. dr. Weidong JiangBS of Hangzhou University (Zhejiang University), MS from Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. from Gießen University, GermanyPost doc of University of California, worked at ChemGenics (Millennium/Takeda), Microcide, Applied Molecular Evolution (Eli Lilly) and Catalyst Biosciences as a Principal Scientist and Director, with extensive experience in successful drug research and development. Dr. Jiang previously co-founded Shanghai Henlius Biotech in 2009, a public exchange company with five biologics successfully launched in the Chinese market as well as one in the European market. Today, KangaBio is in a vigorous and rapid development phase under the leadership of Dr. Jiang.

About Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals

Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a biological high-tech company focused on the R&D and services of innovative antibody drugs. Sanyou is committed to establishing a high-quality, high-throughput and leading integrated R&D and value transformation platform for innovative antibodies, building a commercial ecosystem involving therapy, R&D products and services and diagnostics, and to cooperate with biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical R&D companies to make new advances in the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Sanyou has established an integrated antibody innovative R&D laboratory of more than 20,000 square meters with advanced facilities and equipment, and more than 40 core innovation technology platforms, including -forms for innovative antibody drug discovery with a series of trillion-dollar phage display antibody libraries, optimization of innovative antibodies, construction of cell lines, development of upstream and downstream processes , preclinical R&D and industrial development.

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