Sanford partners with Dandelion and Sharp on new data platform


August 2, 2022


Paul Heinert
Sanford Health
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NEW YORK – Today, Dandelion Health, Inc. (“Dandelion”) announced the launch of an integrated data platform that enables healthcare and life sciences companies to securely and ethics to representative, high-quality clinical patient data, including images, waveforms, and structured health records. —to enable the entire industry to create new AI products, from aiding and automating medical decisions to improving diagnostics and drug development, and more.

“Dandelion’s north star is to improve patient care through the widespread adoption of accurate, reliable and equitable AI in clinical practice. To do this, Dandelion partners with leading healthcare systems to make their anonymized clinical data available to healthcare AI developers safely and ethically,” says Elliott Green, Co-Founder and CEO of Dandelion.

The first two health systems to join this consortium are San Diego-based Sharp HealthCare (“Sharp”) and Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Sanford Health (“Sanford”). The consortium is in active discussions with other health systems to eventually reach a total of five major health system partners, representing rural and urban populations in different parts of the country.

AI holds great promise for improving healthcare delivery and outcomes; however, many AI products are built on narrow datasets that do not represent the diversity of the US population and its care practices.

“The critical bottleneck for the development of AI in healthcare has been data,” said Dandelion co-founder and chief scientific officer Ziad Obermeyer MD, who has written extensively on AI in his academic career. “People with big ideas cannot access research-grade AI-ready data in a secure, principled way. This means that AI products that could fundamentally transform clinical care are not not built.”

The emergence of the Dandelion platform is significant as it covers a wide spectrum of healthcare in the United States. The underlying clinical data provides a diverse foundation for the Dandelion platform, combining data from populations in large metropolitan areas and small communities nationwide as well as a myriad of care practices and a variety of diagnoses and imagery.

It also allows health systems to become more involved in the development of AI products. “Sanford Health serves a diverse population across our 250,000 square mile footprint, with two-thirds of our patients living in rural areas. It’s critical that all patients, no matter where they live, are included in the data and have access to modern healthcare,” said Kent Lehr, director of business development at Sanford Health. “We believe this collaboration with Dandelion and Sharp will strengthen the ways in which we are able to provide care and improve lives.”

The Dandelion Platform enables forward-thinking healthcare systems to advance their innovation programs. According to Sharp HealthCare President and CEO, Chris Howard, “Our partnership with Dandelion represents our continued commitment to innovations that are shaping the future of healthcare by leveraging our expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence. for the benefit of our patients, the community and the healthcare industry. Sharp’s innovation program will be embodied in our Prebys Innovation and Education Center opening in 2023.”

“We believe Dandelion’s vision to improve healthcare by partnering with local communities to embed diversity in data science and deliver cutting-edge technologies will have a positive impact on the San Diego community,” said Michael Reagin, senior vice president and chief information and innovation officer at Sharp.

Dandelion is pleased to partner with Sharp and Sanford to make their anonymized data available to the next wave of AI innovators. “Sharp and Sanford are both fantastic care providers and stewards of their patients’ data. They work hand-in-hand with us to ensure their clinical data is anonymized to the highest safety and ethical standards, so that AI innovation achieves meaningful – and responsible – improvements in patient care. and health equity,” adds Green.

About Dandelion
Dandelion is an early-stage startup focused on creating high-quality, representative clinical data needed to revolutionize healthcare through clinical AI. We equip AI developers with the data and ML tools they need to bring algorithmic products to market that will improve clinical practice and help patients access better care. We are founded by experienced executives in health technology, hospital systems and universities (eg Oscar Health, Mass General Brigham, UChicago, Berkeley). Our expertise in healthcare system operations and algorithmic development enables us to identify and create the datasets that will enable AI developers to solve meaningful clinical challenges. Learn more about dandelion at

About Sharp HealthCare
Sharp HealthCare, San Diego’s most comprehensive health care delivery system, is recognized for clinical excellence in cardiac, cancer, multi-organ transplantation, orthopedics, rehabilitation, behavioral health, women’s health, home health and palliative care services. Sharp HealthCare has been widely acclaimed for its commitment to transforming the healthcare experience for patients, physicians and staff through an organization-wide performance improvement initiative called The Sharp Experience. The Sharp HealthCare system includes four acute care hospitals, three specialty hospitals, two affiliated medical groups, one health plan, and numerous outpatient facilities and programs. To learn more about Sharp, visit Cutting edge health news.

About Sanford Health
Sanford Health, the largest rural health system in the United States, is dedicated to transforming the health care experience and providing access to world-class health care in the heartland of America. Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the organization serves more than one million patients and 220,000 health plan members on 250,000 square miles. The integrated health system has 47 medical centers, 2,800 Sanford physicians and advanced practice providers, 170 clinical investigators and researchers, more than 200 Good Samaritan Society senior care facilities, and global clinics in 8 countries around the world. . Learn more about Sanford Health’s commitment to shaping the future of rural health care across the lifespan at Where Sanford Health News.



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