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With improved image quality, ease of use and convenience, the V8 is optimized for use in busy hospitals around the world

Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, today introduced the V8, a new high-end ultrasound system that offers image quality, ease of use and convenience. improved for all healthcare professionals.

“It is very important to launch the V8, a new high-end medical device that meets many customer needs,” said Won-Chul Bang, vice president, customer experience team leader, Samsung Medison . “We expect the V8 to become a flagship of high-end ultrasound systems, as it is specially designed to cover different medical specialties. “

The “V” of V8 stands for “Versatile”, which means that the advanced functions of high-end ultrasound systems dedicated to specific services such as obstetrics, radiology, orthopedics and cardiology have been brought to bear. artwork.

Several diagnostic aiding functions of a high-end ultrasound system for obstetrics and gynecology include MV-Flow â„¢ which is suitable for observing the presence of microvascular blood flow, blood flow to low speed and LumiFlow â„¢ which provides a three-dimensional visualization of blood flow in two-dimensional image, allowing medical personnel a more realistic assessment of vascular structures and flow.

For radiology, the V8 is equipped with S-Shearwave Imaging â„¢ which provides information on tissue stiffness following disease using ultrasound transverse elasticity. V8 also features S-Fusion â„¢ which enables synchronous alignment of ultrasound medical images with one or more cross-sectional studies such as MRI which are instantly reconstructed in the corresponding plane.

On the other hand, it should also be fitted with a NerveTrack â„¢ which has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an AI medical device and can be used to treat musculoskeletal diseases. skeletal that follow the location of nerves in painful areas. in real time.

In addition, by introducing 23.8 inch LED monitor and 14 inch high sensitivity touch screen, user convenience has been improved to perform various procedures.

The screen that automatically tracks the location of the nerve on the wrist in real time with the NerveTrack â„¢ feature is executed.

About Samsung Medison

Samsung Medison is a global leader in medical devices, specializing in diagnostic imaging devices. With a mission to bring health and wellness into people’s lives, the company is committed to creating a new future for healthcare professionals and patients around the world in various medical fields. In 2011, Samsung Medison became an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, integrating the world’s best computer, image processing, semiconductor and communication technologies into medical devices.


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