Purdue Veterinary Conference Wellness Keynote speaker to assess the landscape of wellness in veterinary medicine


Friday August 6, 2021

Dr Jen Brandt

Snake Oil and Wellness Initiatives – What’s the Connection? Dr. Jen Brandt, director of wellness, diversity and inclusion initiatives for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), will answer this question at this year’s Purdue Veterinary Conference virtual conference in September. Dr Brandt is scheduled to give the main wellness talk, which will be titled “Wellness and the Snake Oil Parable: Discerning and Deconstructing the Current Landscape of Veterinary Well-Being”.

Dr. Brandt will highlight the breadth of scope of practice issues that frequently impact veterinary professionals, while inviting attendees to deconstruct popular wellness-based narratives from social media during her lecture. She will conclude with six fundamental criteria that anyone can apply to become more skilled discerners of wellness programs, maximize safety and effectiveness, and reduce the risk of unintentional harm.

In her role as director of AVMA’s Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Dr. Brandt guides healthcare professionals in maximizing individual and organizational well-being by integrating macro and micro strategies, by identifying what is working well and applying solution-oriented approaches. Its education and awareness efforts focus on removing barriers to well-being, diversity and inclusion, eliminating toxic work cultures, promoting civility in the workplace, increasing self-awareness and self-efficacy, effective conflict transformation and improved team communication.

Dr. Brandt, who holds a PhD and MA in Social Work from Ohio State University, is a licensed independent social worker and supervisor, an experienced grief and trauma therapist, and communications specialist with the health care team. In 1997 . She also co-founded the American Association of Veterinary Medical College (AAVMC) Veterinary Mental Health Professionals Group, which serves to enhance and expand wellness and support programs in veterinary colleges, at develop best practices in veterinary advice and wellness programs in colleges, and provide advice and expertise to veterinary management.

Recently, Dr. Brandt helped launch the AVMA Workplace Wellness Certificate Program to help veterinary professionals develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create healthy working systems. She also helped launch AVMA’s Brave Space Certificate Program, which explores the impact of stereotypes, unconscious bias and harassment in the workplace.

The Purdue Virtual Veterinary Conference 2021, to be held September 7-10, will offer four days of high-quality courses on small animals, equines, food animals, practice management, exotic species and topics of interest to veterinary nurses. Participants can earn up to 24 hours of continuing education and will have access to our virtual showroom. Only those registered for the Purdue Veterinary Conference will be able to attend.

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