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During the colonization of the western states, doctors were rather rare. A small, rural town may not have a doctor at all, while a large town may only have one or two. This created the family doctor. A qualified medical professional who cared for most if not all members of a community. These physicians often cared for several generations of family members.

The practice of medicine has come a long way since the days of the Gladstone black bag and the horse-drawn carriage. Experts in their respective fields have advanced all specialties of medical practice, saving and extending countless lives. Each provides specialized essential care to members of their community.

Often, patients do not need a doctor’s professional knowledge and expertise in a specialized area and families still want the care and trust of a family doctor. Sheridan Memorial Hospital recently opened the primary care practice to act as a gateway to additional care if needed and provide the desired level of trust that many people develop with a family doctor.

According to SMH, the primary care practice is the first point of contact for patients of all ages who have non-urgent medical needs. Primary care helps create healthy habits and offers prevention strategies.

During his appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, Dr. Kristopher Schamber, Primary Care, Sheridan Memorial Hospital, educated listeners on the differences between primary care and internal medicine.

Dr K. Schamber

Primary care in family medicine, Dr. Erica Rinker told listeners that developing relationships and trust is essential between a physician and their patients. The practice of primary care would not have been possible without the dedicated professionals at every level of the medical system that SMH has and has been rewarded for employing.

Dr. E. Rinker

The primary care practice is now open and located in downtown Sheridan at 61 South Gould Street. To learn more, click here.


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