Prescription video games? New health technologies and what they mean for patients.


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Prescription video games. Remote monitoring. AI. This is not a sci-fi movie, but the emerging state of the healthcare industry as it joins the ranks of industries that are rapidly advancing through technological innovation. Is it more than sleek interfaces and promises of 24/7 concierge care? And what does technology have to do with it? We’ve brought together some high-profile people to examine the patient benefits of this brave new era of medicine.

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What does technological innovation mean for healthcare?

“Innovation in healthcare is about democratizing access to care. For example, CapitalRx disrupted the PBM market by creating a business model that shares drug pricing information that was historically hidden to manipulate price. This reduces the costs of care and increases access to care.”—Grace Hahn, Investor, Edison Partners

“MSMS is a technology platform that facilitates the development and implementation of products for use by clinicians and patients during treatment sessions, including those using mind-altering drugs like psychedelics. It is part of a suite of tools being developed to advance a new paradigm for psychiatric care and the delivery of psychedelic-assisted therapy.”—Dan Karlin, MD and CMO at MindMed

“Advances in health technology have proven invaluable in improving access to medical care. The ability of physicians to care for patients during COVID via telehealth has saved many lives. The pandemic has necessitated the urgent adoption by technological advancements in the medical community. Home telemonitoring is a growing field; what started with simply collecting vital signs has evolved into transmitting many data points to doctors, hospitals, biotechnology companies , etc. In addition to access, these technologies improve preventive care, helping to improve the health of communities. The sky is the limit here. Early detection of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as cancer will come soon.”—Lina Shihabuddin, MD, Chief Population Health Officer at RWJ Barnabas Health

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