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CHANDIGARH: The PGI will have a medical oncology service which will train two cancer specialists each year. In addition, since states like Punjab do not have a medical oncologist at any academic institution, these qualified doctors will be able to provide services to the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
Although it was initially PGI and the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, this service had already started in New Delhi three decades ago and at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai since the 1970s. .
In addition to providing cancer patient care under one roof, the department will have a multiple tumor board where patients will be seen by a surgeon, radiation therapist and medical oncologist to plan cancer treatment. There will be no need for a shuttle. “Before that, these patients must first consult separately the specialists who take the time to decide and often the decision is not unanimous. This adds to the woes of the patients, ”said a doctor from PGI.
Confirming the department’s approval, PGI Director Prof Jagat Ram said: “We have got the green light from the ministry to start up the Department of Medical Oncology, which will benefit many cancer patients coming from across the country. Neighboring states. ”
In addition, there are no dedicated beds for cancer patients. The establishment of the department will be able to provide the same. In the absence of the service, chemotherapy at PGI was performed by radiotherapists. “This is not a practice in any of the best cancer centers in the world. A medical oncologist is trained to manage complications while administering high doses of chemotherapy unlike radiation therapists, ”said a senior physician.
The department will have a hematologist, surgical and medical oncologist, who will coordinate with radiation therapists and radiology departments for treatment and diagnosis respectively. “The department will take notes and take the expert consultation without any piecemeal plan that is being practiced recently,” a professor said.

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