Patricia Heaton Crisis Pregnancy Center Hires Armed Security

Patricia Heaton
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Hollywood actress and outspoken pro-life advocate Patricia Heaton took to social media with choice words for US Senator Elizabeth Warren after her crisis-stricken pregnancy center had to hire armed security amid a increase in attacks targeting similar facilities across the country.

“Our Medical Pregnancy Clinic has served client families for five years, providing top quality services to anyone who requests it. We have raised $250,000 for a mobile medical clinic for underserved areas, treating everyone,” Heaton informed his Twitter followers on Wednesday in response to a tweet from Warren.

Following the Supreme Court’s reversal of the 1973 decision Roe vs. Wade decision making abortion a national right last Friday, Senator Warren took to social media on Monday to criticize crisis-ridden pregnancy centers.

Crisis pregnancy centers provide support for women who wish to give birth instead of abortion, many of which employ trained health professionals and offer medical services.

The Massachusetts Democrat says these centers “mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care.” Warren stressed the need to “crack down” on these centers and hailed his bill which would “stop these harmful practices”.

“With Roe gone, it’s more important than ever to crack down on so-called ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care,” Warren tweeted. “My bill with @SenatorMenendez would end these harmful practices.”

Heaton responded to Warren’s claims, suggesting that such rhetoric has made pregnancy centers like hers less safe. In recent months, as it appeared, the Supreme Court was on the verge of overturning deer, several pro-life pregnancy centers across the country have been victims of vandalism and firebombings. These attacks continued after last week’s ruling.

“Because of people like @SenWarren, we now have to hire armed security,” the “Everybody Loves Raymond” actress tweeted.

Warren’s June 27 Tweet linked to a Time article claiming that crisis pregnancy centers are using data against women as “weapons.”

Many vandals targeting pro-life pregnancy centers spray-painted graffiti reading “If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t safe” and “Fake Clinic.” The group “Jane’s Revenge” claimed many acts and declared “open season” on pro-lifers.

Longmont Police say a fire early Saturday morning at a Christian pregnancy center in north central Colorado is being investigated for arson. The building suffered heavy damage and the aforementioned threat was also spray painted on the exterior walls.

Abortion extremists were encouraged to use a map of pro-life pregnancy centers compiled by two University of Georgia professors in 2018 to find the nearest facility in their area.

Heaton’s post drew criticism from some on Twitter who told the actress she should get off her “high horse and face reality”.

“If you’re not providing abortion care to women who need it, you’re not providing health care,” Susie told Heaton.

Heaton replied and called Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“Hello Susie – PP does not provide pre or post natal care to women – do you require the same of them? Should they provide free ultrasounds, nappies, medical care to pregnant women who want to keep their babies?” she asked.

The actress told another detractor, “No one has ever died after visiting a pregnancy clinic.”

Heaton hasn’t held back his pro-life stance in public.

In a past interview with The Blaze, the devout Catholic explained her stance.

“I find it impossible to subscribe to a philosophy that believes the destruction of human life is a legitimate solution to a problem that is primarily social, economic and psychological,” she said.

“In reality, most women choose abortion because they believe they have no other choice,” Heaton added. “Women who experience an unplanned pregnancy also deserve unplanned joy.”

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