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Intrinsically, the foundation of a command rests both on the personal and professional dynamics of its members and on their balance in the face of a sea of ​​challenges.

Navigating this sea requires the ability to educate members of command on resources ready to keep them afloat.

“By far the biggest challenge mediators face is helping to ensure our members are connected to the tremendous diversity of services available to them before their stressors negatively affect their well-being and their readiness,” said Jennifer Belding, Naval Medical Center San Diego. (NMCSD) mediator. “Life comes with its own set of challenges, but considering the added stressors associated with military service, it’s understandable that service members and their families need additional resources to maintain their well-being. As Ombudsman, my goal and responsibility is to ensure that our sailors and their families are connected to the right resources when they need them. This Ombudsman Resource Fair is one of the ways I learn about these great resources so I can share them with our families. »

Get real, get better

If the challenges Belding alludes to are countered by the armor of the Navy’s FFSC services which consist of:
-emergency situations (e.g. forest fires)
-health care (e.g. mental health, sexual assault, etc.)
– moving assistance
– support for new parents
– deployment services
-clinical consultation services
– financial management advice
– family employment services
– defense of the family
– transition assistance programs,
then the presence on the part of commanders and other key command representatives is not only understandable, but commendable at events such as knowledge is a fortification.

“A Commander’s support of the Ombudsman Program is necessary to ensure that our families are taken care of. By attending the Resource Fair, they showed their continued commitment to the welfare of our sailors and our families. It is reassuring to know that they understand the breadth of abundant resources that Ombudspersons can refer families to, which can help ensure mission readiness by supporting family readiness.

Resilience Leads to Preparedness

“From what I see, there is a direct and indisputable correlation to a command’s resilience and readiness. At NMCSD, the mission of our Sailors is to contribute to the readiness of our warfighters while maintaining theirs,” Belding added. “Every service is essential, just like every sailor; and, as ombudsmen, we are committed to them, their families and our civilians.

Conversely, NMCSD Patient Relations Representatives attended the fair to broaden the horizons of other Command Ombudsmen about NMCSD’s services and commitment to providing quality health care.

The event also brought together attendees from the VA Benefits Office and other non-profit organizations.

FFSCs are available to provide support via phone, telehealth, in-person appointment, email, social media, webinar and GMT orders. To schedule an appointment in the San Diego area with a provider, call Centralized Scheduling at 1-866-923-6478.

To visit any of CNRSW’s various FFSCs, visit: for locations and hours of operation.

The mission of the NMCSD is to prepare service members to deploy in support of task forces, provide high quality health care services, and shape the future of military medicine through education, training and research. NMCSD employs more than 6,000 active duty military, civilian, and contractors in Southern California to provide patients with world-class care anytime, anywhere.


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