Non-profit group helps cover free flights for those in need of medical treatment


BUCKHANNON, W.Va (WDTV) — A nonprofit group is offering free flights to those in need of medical attention.

George Tenney, of Buckhannon, is a cancer patient at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago.

He has flown more than 100 times with Angel Flights East, a group that provides free flights to medical patients receiving care away from home.

Volunteer pilots use their own aircraft and cover all flight costs. George has been flying with Angel Flights East since 2019.

“We generally only carry medical passengers, not heavy medical care. Where they should go for checks. Doctors out of town and so on. It’s a total network of volunteer pilots,” pilot Scott Miller said.

Scott Miller has been riding George for 3 years now. He says stealing and helping others go hand in hand.

“I love flying. It’s a way to pay it forward. I’m blessed to be able to support and fly. It’s just a great feeling.

This helps, as George’s cancer is currently in remission. He says flying has saved him a lot of time, especially with how often he travels to the cancer treatment center.

“It saved my life. It saved me a lot of car trips that I couldn’t have done,” Tenney said.

George says he will be visiting the Cancer Treatment Center for the rest of his life, which means a lot more flights in the future.

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