Medical school hopeful Anne-Marie helps patients navigate hospital COVID protocols


Medical school hopeful Anne-Marie helps patients navigate hospital COVID protocols

Anne-Marie Hartford, Courtesy Calls Team Leader

Our volunteers provide a range of important services, from designing new technologies to inspiring the next generation of healthcare workers. Whatever their role, all of our volunteers work to improve the quality of care for patients and their families. In honor of National Volunteer Week this year, we are highlighting some of our volunteers who have given us the invaluable gift of their time and dedication.

If you’ve visited a hospital in the past two years, you might understand the stress of adhering to COVID-19 protocols. Throughout the pandemic, Anne-Marie Hartford has brought clarity to patients and their families.

Before the pandemic, Anne-Marie, a fifth-year biomedical science student who was planning to go to medical school, volunteered at the Civic Campus emergency room on Sunday mornings. When COVID-19 made volunteer emergency services dangerous, Anne-Marie immediately looked for a new way to contribute.

The Courtesy Calls Team was created at the start of the pandemic to keep patients informed of the hospital’s evolving COVID-19 protocols. Anne-Marie joined this team of volunteers almost two years ago and is now a team leader, planning shifts and training new volunteers. Although hospital restrictions have now been eased, the team of volunteers are still calling patients to remind them of their appointments and direct them where to go.

For Anne-Marie, the most rewarding part of her role has been helping patients through this unprecedented time. “It was really nice to be able to at least talk to the patients and make them more comfortable when they come to the hospital,” she says. “And I felt like I was doing my part to help people during COVID.”

Do you feel inspired?

We are slowly rebuilding our volunteer services and will open a few opportunities every few months, so please check the website regularly for updates. We look forward to welcoming our community back to the hospital to help improve the patient experience! Visit our volunteers page for more information.

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