Mayor Eric Adams Unveils the Medical Examiner’s Office’s New High-Tech DNA Gun Crimes Unit


NEW YORKFirearms used in crimes in New York will be analyzed more quickly. That’s the goal of a one-of-a-kind unit at the city medical examiner’s office.

CBS2’s Dave Carlin has more on a new team of scientists who should get DNA test results in half the time.

On Thursday, CBS2 got a rare glimpse inside the ME office labs. It’s where forensic pathologists process some 50,000 pieces of crime scene evidence each year related to cases of murder, sexual assault, property crimes, and more.

Mayor Eric Adams was shown how it all works.

“Everyone knows we have the best lab on the planet and it’s getting better,” Adams said.

The mayor announced a $2.5 million unit there, with 24 newly hired criminologists dedicated to DNA and firearms.

New York City’s DNA Gun Crimes Unit will be tasked with expediting processing to catch criminals faster.

“Science will pick you up and science will get you off the street,” Adams said.

Drawing sweat or blood from a gun and locating DNA allows a case to be taken to court with confidence, but the wait time for results can be up to two months.

BACKWARDS: Legal Aid Society is suing New York City over what it says was illegal DNA research

Having this new team dedicated to firearms, while others focus on other crimes, should cut wait times in half, officials said.

“We will get 30 days,” an official from the ME office said.

With virtually the entire work force of the office gathered around him, the mayor said that when it comes to those lab results, faster is better.

“The slow pace of testing has hampered the justice system,” Adams said. “We can’t allow those cases to stay open, so let’s do those tests.”

The mayor said it was about speeding up justice for victims and getting lower crime rates for everyone.

Adams also said the unit would deliver results “faster than 90% of jurisdictions nationwide.”


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