LBS Alumni Group Provides Free Medical Care to Lagos Community



Lagos Business School Alumni’s AMP 26 (Class of 2014) team, on Saturday offered free medical services to residents of Oworonsoki town as part of its corporate social responsibility.

AMP 26 Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chairman Mr. Dimeji Olona explained that the initiative was aimed at supporting residents’ health.

Olona said: “It is really wonderful to see how the people of Oworonsoki received us as they kept coming together for medical care. This medical radiation is our way of giving back to society. Today we arrived in Oworonsoki, which is a centralized area for looking after the health of people over 40 years old. Even though we have seen people who are not under 40 pretend that they are up to the right age so that they are not left behind in this awareness.

“We have free medical screening for everyone who comes here to report to officials. You will be registered. Your vital signs will be taken and you will go to the doctor for interpretation and consultation. Then the pharmacists would look after you and give you medicine to help manage and / or treat the disease. Those with eye problems would see an optician who would screen their eyes and also give them free glasses if needed. ”

AMP 26 President Funmi Omo, a Lagos Business School alumnus, expressed hope that the program will continue to run quarterly of each year.

Omo said: “This is one of the CSR projects we are getting into. We plan to have four of these projects that are billed to run every quarter of the year. This is one of them. As part of our way of giving back to society, we aim to help the very poor who may not be able to access medical facilities for fear of funds to get some kind of free medical service. For those cases that we believe go beyond that, we then make recommendations on how they can get further medical support. We also take this opportunity to serve refreshments in terms of food, drink and fruit to help these drugs work as well.

“We chose this local (region) government, Oworonsoki, because according to the survey we did, there is a lack of medical care and it is a way in which we can supplement what the government has provided. . We are pushing ourselves, asking companies and other individual sponsors to support this vision and complement what we have put in place. This has been going on since 2015 and we hope it will continue as the Lord gives us strength. ”

A doctor, Dr Andikan Umoh, who was among the healthcare professionals invited to be part of the outreach, said the program would help beneficiaries learn more about their health.

Umoh, “I realized a lot of people don’t know much about their health and it’s scary. Some of them have blood pressure as high as 190/80 and when you tell them they have high blood pressure they don’t believe you. They are in denial. I am very grateful to this organization for coming to help them because it would have been catastrophic if nothing of this nature had not been done.

One of the beneficiaries, Vincent Obasi, 60, said: “Only God can reward and God will bless these people for me. See all the things they gave me for free. If I had to buy it, where would I get the money?

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