Lawyer says he filed a complaint against Ochsner, Lourdes



A lawyer from Alexandria said he filed a complaint against two hospitals in Lafayette for their vaccine needs.

Jimmy Faircloth, who at one point worked as executive counsel for former Governor Bobby Jindal, sent a press release Monday saying he had filed the lawsuits on behalf of workers at Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center and from the Notre-Dame de Lourdes regional medical center.

What is at issue are the decisions made by the two establishments to require that all workers without religious or medical exemptions be vaccinated against COVID-19. Employees who refuse to be vaccinated and who do not have an exemption will be terminated. To learn more about mandates, click here and here.

The lawsuits ask the court to issue a temporary restraining order against the warrants. The plaintiffs are also asking for a hearing on the matter, in the hope that the court will declare the warrants “illegal and unenforceable” and issue a permanent injunction preventing hospitals from carrying out their warrants.

In addition to the Faircloth firm, the Lafayette firms of G. Shelly Maturin and the Bryson law firm also signed the petition.

Faircloth said he filed the lawsuits by fax this morning; the Lafayette clerk’s electronic system shows that the one against Ochsner has been filed, but there is nothing yet on any complaint filed against Lourdes; we are working to confirm that he was received at the courthouse.

“These mandates go against personal objections and completely ignore their unique and knowledgeable understanding of the virus and treatment options,” said a press release from Faircloth. “In the best possible light, these hospital warrants are a misguided effort to participate in a public health crusade by forcing private sector employees to undergo medical treatment for their own good and the good of the public at large.”

The lawsuits claim the vaccines will not prevent the transmission of COVID and eradicate the disease. They say hospitals are trying to force them to take the vaccine as part of a public policy effort.

“In the best possible light, it is a misguided effort to protect unvaccinated people from themselves and to participate in public policy designed to increase immunizations in general,” says the Ochsner trial. “Regarded for what it is, the defendant attempts to coerce the plaintiffs into consenting to medical treatment by threatening to punish their exercise of a fundamental right under the pretext of safety at work.”

According to registry records, here is the list of plaintiffs in the Ochsner lawsuit. We contacted the hospital to verify that these people work there and what their positions are:

Theresa M. Nelson, LPN
Amanda Baudoin, occupational therapist
JonMichael Beard, IA
Ansley Welcome, IA
Elizabeth A. “Louise” Blanchard
Tina Boudreaux, IP
Emilie Bourque
Hester P. Bourdier, inf.
Cynthia Breaux
Shontelle Castille, IA
Mallory Chriceol
Deandra Collette, IA
Elizabeth Jill Daigle, IA
Chelsea Porter Dewveall, IA
Catherine Duck
Amy Duplechain, IP
Casey faul
Brittney freeman
Tanya Eaglin Gallow, LPN
Monique Gary, IA
Brandy Miliczek Gibson, IA
Danielle Guidry, RN
Dexter Guidry, II, CRNA
Arnie Hébert, RRT
Tammy Hébert-Briley, IP
Joni Junca
Paula Perron Landry, IA
Laurie LeBlanc, pharmacy
Sylvie mikell
Desi Milligan, IA
Avanti Moral
Dacia Ortego
Tracey Pellerin, IA
Maria Josette Perrin, Pharmacy
Myra Pete, IA
Marisa Prejean, IA
Brenda Proctor, IP
Naomi Russo, LPN
Jamie Schexnayder, IA
Kiley Bertrand Serrette, IA
Sommer Sheffield Begneaud, Pennsylvania
Cody Shiers, IA
Melinda Sinclair-Smith, IA
Celia Spallino
Elizabeth Suire, IA
Jordyn thibodeaux
Susan thibodeaux

A copy of the Lourdes trial was posted on the website of an organization called Louisiana for Medical Freedom.

Here is the list of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit. We contacted Lourdes to see if they will verify that these people work there and what their positions are in the establishment:

Dénée Aguillard, IA
Rebekah Angelle, RN
JonMichael Beard, IA
Jamie Berg, IA
Rhonda bergeron
Ansley Welcome, IA
Karen Bienvenu, PT
Elizabeth A. “Louise” Blanchard
Michelle bouillon
Brea Brinkman, IA
Neily Bundick, IA
Molli Cormier, paramedic
Kelly A. Daniel
Catherine Duck
Erin K. Dufour, inf.
Charles Fontenot
Rich Hargett, CRNA
Diane Hendry, IA
Abigail Mercer Johnson, IA
Katelynn Joubert, RN
Jessica C. Koski, IA
Bac A. LaCombe, Rad Tech
Heather LeBeouf, IA
Karen Levine, RN
Rachel Meaders
Diane O’Kelly-Farrell, IA,
Katherine Connor Self, IA
Shali sellers
Jordan Smith, CRNA
Celia Spallino
Melissa Stein
Kyle Sweezy, IA
Kayla Trahan, IA
J. Hollister Vincent, IA
Dainelle Williams, IA
Phoebe wranosky



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