La Palma volcano eruption today: evacuation, possible tsunami and live updates



Pevolca warns of the dangers of volcanic ash

The Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca) called for calm in the population and launched a series of recommendations for people living in areas at risk of a possible ash fall.

The main advice is to avoid going out of the house, but if people do, they should cover their nose and mouth with a mask to avoid directly inhaling the ashes and to protect their eyes with glasses.

It is not recommended to stay in open areas or exercise outdoors, and while ashes are falling, people should close doors, windows and all vents in the house, including fireplaces. heating and air conditioning.

Authorities have advised people to remove ash from flat roofs and gutters, keep water tanks and cisterns covered, prevent ashes from coming into contact with food, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly, do not eat food outside, and clean bushes and plants and shake trees if possible.

Indoors, use a vacuum cleaner, if possible, for furniture, rugs, etc. and clean up dust frequently. Ashes should be collected in plastic bags and disposed of in containers, never in public sewers.

In addition, we ask people to avoid driving while ash falls unless absolutely necessary, in which case do not exceed 40 kilometers per hour, as the engines could become dirty and the vehicles could break down.



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