Kadarius Toney’s injury doesn’t end the season


The New York Giants came into a Week 5 game against the Dallas Cowboys extremely stoned, and they came out even more stoned.

Along with quarterback Daniel Jones (concussion), running back Saquon Barkley (ankle), wide receiver Kenny Golladay (knee) and cornerback Rodarius Williams (knee), rookie wide receiver Kadarius Toney was also injured last Sunday. .

Before being sent off for punching a Cowboys defenseman, Toney had injured his ankle and attempted to play through. After the match, he was transported from the locker room for further testing.

Head coach Joe Judge told reporters on Monday he didn’t think Toney’s injury was big enough to miss the season.

“I don’t want to go ahead and put anything on it, but I don’t think it’s anything really important in terms of the end of the season,” said Judge. “We’ll see how that affects him immediately in the future for this week. I know he’s a guy who all day yesterday was going up and down a bit with that ankle, but he was definitely fighting through a lot of stuff until the point where he was jumping to get back into the game, kid so hard.

Even though the judge doesn’t think Toney’s injury ends the season, even mentioning something like that sounds a bit worrying.

Toney has also avoided any questions related to his injury.

“I’m fine, I’m sticking to the plan when it comes to listening to coaches. The judge will keep you posted if you have any further questions on this, ”Toney said.

Still, Toney considers himself a “dog” – something retired security Antrel Rolle will love to hear – and if he can play with the pain, he will.

“It’s really more of a mentality. It’s about how you react, ”Toney said. “I’m a dog. That’s the mentality that I have. So if I feel like I can get through it, then that’s what I’m going to do. Ultimately, I want to do what’s on. better for the team because I like to win.

Unfortunately for Toney, the medical staff may not let him through. Like many other members of the squad, there’s a chance he might miss a Week 6 game against the Rams, but we won’t find out until the squad returns to practice on Wednesday.


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