“It was our home game”



INGLEWOOD, Calif .– The Cowboys have one of the best traveling fan bases in the NFL and it didn’t disappoint when they won over the Chargers at SoFi Stadium.

“It was home,” said cornerback Trevon Diggs. “It was our home game.”

Quarterback Dak Prescott said The morning news from Dallas the Cowboys, despite being the road team, did not need a silent account on offense. At one point, Cowboys fans among the 70,240 attending the game at SoFi Stadium chanted “Let’s Go Cowboys”.

“Honestly, I think the Chargers must have been more worried about that than us,” right tackle Terence Steele said of the crowd noise. “Dak’s voice is strong. We can hear it. We had no problem.

Cooper hurts his ribs on the last ride

Wide receiver Amari Cooper left the game last practice after injuring his ribs in a catch. Cooper finished with three catches for 24 yards, but picked up the key first with 46 seconds left. Cooper caught a short pass from quarterback Dak Prescott for 12 yards, but landed hard on the turf as he was tackled by safety Alohi Gilman.

Cooper was down for several moments before slowly walking to the sidelines with the Cowboys medics. Cooper, after speaking with head athletics coach Jim Maurer on the sidelines, appeared to be doing well and stood alone on the sidelines as the game ended with a winning field goal from Greg Zuerlein.

Steele starts up, plays well

Second-year swing tackle Terence Steele started right tackle for La’el Collins (PED suspension) and performed well against star defensive end Joey Bosa. Steele has had numerous snaps where he blocked Bosa head-to-head and also had the help of All-Pro right-back Zack Martin.

Bosa finished with three tackles and no pressure from the quarterback.

“He played amazingly,” Martin said of Steele. “We talked, if we had the central slide going fine, trying to get out there and help him, and the times I did he didn’t need it. He did a remarkable job. We know with Terence how much work he’s put in this offseason and during training camp, and we know he’s totally capable of being there. He did a wonderful job. “

Bosa also fielded opposite left tackle Tyron Smith and struggled on that side as well. It was a great performance against one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

“I was just doing my job,” Steele said. “It was a great team victory. My job is to block the ends, and that’s what I was doing today. I wasn’t doing anything other than my job. We released the “dub”, and that’s what ultimately matters. “

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