IIT Jodhpur, AIIMS Jodhpur offer MSc and PhD programs in medical technologies


IIT Jodhpur, AIIMS Jodhpur offer Masters and PhD programs in MedTech (Representational)

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New Delhi:

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan have launched Masters, MSc-PhD and PhD programs in Medical Technology (MedTech). The MedTech program will provide healthcare professionals and engineers with the opportunity to learn and share knowledge under a transdisciplinary academic umbrella and is designed to meet emerging needs for innovation in healthcare technologies, said the IIT Jodhpur.

“The collaboration enables students to work under the joint guidance of faculty from these leading institutes in emerging areas of health technology,” IIT Jodhpur said in a statement.

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The deadline to apply for the MedTech course is June 15, 2022. Course work will begin in July 2022.

“There is a need for professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds trained in entrepreneurship and business to meet the challenges of future transformations in health technologies. This cannot be done by doctors, engineers or health professionals. management alone. The programs offered by IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur are aimed at nurturing a workforce with multi-dimensional creative thinking capabilities, in-depth knowledge and business acumen,” the institute said.

To take the MedTech course, the candidate must qualify for the written test and interview conducted jointly by IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur. The course work is followed by a project allowing the creation of a futuristic device and a protocol.

Students will have the opportunity to pursue academic and research interests, as the program offers unique combinations that promote core subjects, flexible choices and research projects focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, he said. he declares.

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Professor Santanu Chaudhury, Director of IIT-Jodhpur, said: “Our country has the best doctors, the best engineers and the drive to improve patient care. With a focused and combined effort, I’m sure, we can kick-start the innovations in the medical technology ecosystem.

Dr Sushmita Jha, Medical Technology Program Coordinator, IIT Jodhpur, said, “Medicine and technology are exploding with new knowledge. It’s time they were combined with patient needs and business acumen to make accessible medical technology a reality.

Dr. Nirmal Raut, medical oncologist, said, “The way genomics and AI have transformed precision oncology, I can foresee many new medical technology applications that will transform patient care. »

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Shradha Suman, MSc Student in Medical Technology, IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur, said, “The Medtech program jointly offered by IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur is a great opportunity for people who are enthusiastic about innovation in the field of Health care. This ecosystem motivated me to identify an unmet need during clinical immersion and develop an indigenous technological solution. It offers support to turn our ideas into healthcare startups. »


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