How Auto Chip Shortages Affect Nationwide Tech Outputs | KLBK | KAMC



LUBBOCK, Texas – For months, chip shortages severely affected auto production across the country; however, the bigger problem does not end there. Medical supplies and household appliances are also affected.

Britkare owner Josh Britten said C-PAP machines recommended for sleep apnea are rare because they also work with the same chips.

“Every C-PAP requires compliance with your health insurance,” said Britten. “So this shortage of C-PAP chips has really caused problems for the makers of C-PAP. Unfortunately, it has succeeded where there is a national shortage. “

The shortage of chips is of great concern within the tech community as it affects production in several categories including home appliances.

Radiolab owner Jeff Griffith said people would be surprised at how important these chips are on a daily basis.

“A lot of electronics have been affected by production issues,” Griffith said, “but in the home appliance world, televisions and stereos have been affected as well. So we think about these items, but refrigerators were the most affected. ”

Demand for many of these items has increased during the pandemic, but many of these items are out of stock, including refrigerators and flat-screen TVs.



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