Healthcare for both ends of the leash: pop-up gym, clinic at Bloomfield Gilead Park


From the People & Pets Project– The Macon-based People & Pets Project works in partnership with Macon Mental Health Matters, Mercer University Medical Students, the Street Dog Coalition and the Critter Fixers Veterinary Team hosts the first monthly “Healthcare for Both Ends of the Leash” clinics for people and their pets together on October 8, 2022 at 10 a.m. located at Bloomfield Gilead Park.

Each monthly clinic will host a team of health care providers who will provide health care to people and their pets at the same time. Services provided will include basic health screenings and health screenings for humans and wellness screenings and vaccinations for their pets at no cost to participants. Complimentary pet food is offered to attendees. The goal of these clinics is to help participants optimize their own health and that of their pets and, in turn, the whole community benefits.

Janet Hendrickson, President of People & Pets Project and Nurse Practitioner, said, “I have had many patients who will do things for their pets before helping themselves. Their pet is their family and the strength of their bond is evident. By providing veterinary care alongside their own care, it gives me, as a healthcare provider, the ability to connect with my patients in a much more meaningful way.

“Health Care for Both Ends of the Leash” pop-up clinics allow people to learn about their own health, the health of their pets, and how taking care of themselves is as important as to take care of the four-legged member of their family.


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