Health is a team effort for Connecticut Sun


Elite WNBA Connecticut Sun players know that winning is a team effort. The same goes for the medical professionals at Yale New Haven Health and Lawrence + Memorial Hospital who provide a range of health services to keep players in shape.

It starts with Team Physician Michael Medvecky, MD, who is responsible for the team’s musculoskeletal care and coordinates all medical and mental health care, using resources from the Yale New Health System. Haven. As an associate professor for Yale Orthopedics & Rehabilitation and an orthopedic surgeon in sports medicine, Medvecky works with a multidisciplinary team. This team includes Chief Medical Officer Oliver Mayorga, MD, and Craig Mittleman, MD, Regional Director of Emergency Services at L + M and Westerly Hospitals. Samantha Smith, MD, a primary care physician in sports medicine, also helps coordinate and oversee the medical aspects of player care and is part of the medical team that attends every home game.

Other suppliers are also nearby. Primary care physician Katie Reeve, MD, is the director of on-site services at Yale New Haven’s newest emergency care facility at Uncasville Medical Center in Mohegan Sun – literally across the street from the Sun Court parking lot in Mohegan Sun . The medical center allows players to have access to dermatologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists and emergency care services like x-rays.

And, Peter Morgan, MD, president of psychiatry at L + M, is also an integral part of the team. Mental wellness has become an increasingly important component of athlete health. Athletes throughout the past year have spoken of the mental stress that being a world-class athlete places on their ability to play their sport.

“We are looking to take care of the health of the whole athlete,” says Medvecky. “This is the benefit of Yale New Haven Health providing health services to the Connecticut Sun. We can tap into all disciplines of medicine and have the healthcare professionals from L + M and Westerly Hospitals in the Sun’s backyard to provide the best care.

Submitted by John Ready on October 05, 2021


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