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HONOLULU – Dr. Brian Lein, Deputy Director of Health Care Administration for the Defense Health Agency (DHA), and New Hawaii Market Director Col. Martin Doperak hosted a ceremony at the Tripler Army Medical Center here Oct. 20, ushering in the new military healthcare system market.

The Hawaii market is at the forefront of historic change in the military health care system, following its official establishment by DHA in July. By supporting the Hawaii market, DHA enables greater collaboration between hospitals and military clinics, enhancing military medical readiness and enabling these facilities to deliver the best care and patient experience.

“Safe and reliable patient care is the cornerstone, expectation and priority of military health care in Hawaii,” said Doperak. “Regardless of their service affiliation, patients should know they are receiving the highest standard of care when they visit any Army, Navy or Army treatment center. air on the island. DHA reinforces and facilitates this promise to our fighters and their families.

The Hawaii Market consists of four Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) to include Army Tripler Medical Center, Hawaii Naval Health Clinic, Desmond T. Doss Health Clinic and 15th Medical Group. The market serves a population of approximately 150,000 eligible beneficiaries of the military health care system, covering 597 square miles of Oahu, Hawaii’s third largest island.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act 2017, the military health system transfers the administration and management of all military, hospitals and clinics to DHA.

To do this effectively, DHA chose a “market approach,” based on the six Enhanced Multi-Service Markets (eMSMs) already in place, one of which is Hawaii. Markets are groups of hospitals and clinics working together in a geographic area functioning as a system to support the sharing of patients, staff, functions, budget and more across all market facilities.

“Integrating health resources is not a new concept for us,” Doperak explained. “The Army, Navy and Air Force medical services on the island began operating as an eMSM in 2013 to oversee the management of health resources in Hawaii. Through this collaboration, we have learned to focus our efforts both on health care delivery and on individual service preparation missions.

“Creating this market is recognition of your accomplishments,” Lein said. “Medical leaders, (unit) leaders, our community and VA partners work together to ensure the best quality and best outcomes for our patients. “

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