Has a health insurer refused you medical care? Did you retaliate? Help us report on the system. —ProPublica


In the United States, having health insurance does not guarantee that you will receive the care you need. Every year, insurance companies reject tens of millions of claims from people seeking all kinds of medical services, from surgeries to MRIs.

A patient who is denied care and tries to push back faces many obstacles. To challenge the insurance company, it may be necessary to file a complaint with the insurer, request an independent medical examination or even take legal action. We are particularly interested in reaching out to people who have attempted to appeal denials. These cases may concern you, your child or another loved one.

We also hope to hear from people working for insurance companies, since you know how the system works better than most. Please complete the form below if you work as a medical director, nurse or customer service representative or have the expertise that can help us understand the health insurance system and its pressures.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals have already begun to tell us that they are frustrated with the hours they spend trying to get insurance companies to approve care for their patients. We would also like to hear about these experiences.

Our team may not be able to respond to everyone personally, but we will read everything you submit. We appreciate you sharing your story and we take your privacy seriously. We collect these stories for the purposes of our reporting and will contact you if we wish to publish part of your story.

Only we read what you submit. If you prefer to use an encrypted app, check out our tips at propublica.org/tips.

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