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U.S. Army Reserve Colonel Faith Junghahhn assumed command of the Medical
Support Unit, 7th Mission Support Command in a ceremony presided over by the 7th MSC Commander,
Brig. Gen Wanda Williams, at Kleber Kaserne on September 11, 2022.
The 7th MSC is the only U.S. Army Reserve command headquartered outside of the continental United States
Before the ceremony began, Williams called the soldiers to the spot and awarded the former
commander, Army Reserve Colonel Trent Loiseau, the Army Medal of Honor in honor of his acting
director of MSU since he took office at the beginning of the year.
She then led the transfer of the unit’s handlebars, symbolizing the transition of command of the unit
before delivering a speech of farewell to Loiseau and welcome to Junghahn.
Williams said Loiseau increased the unit’s standing with the U.S. Army and Air Force here
in Europe with NATO partners during several major exercises.
“During Colonel Loiseau’s command, MSU provided superior support during Defender 22
Europe and supervision of medical training for Vigorous Warrior 22, Saber Strike 22 and Swift Response 22”,
said Williams.
Williams introduced MSU’s new commander, saying that Junghahhn’s military and medical resume
make her an ideal candidate for command of a specialized healthcare unit.
“Colonel Junghahn comes to us with extensive medical experience, through more than 25 years of
successful military service. She holds a doctorate in nursing practice from the University of Wisconsin.
and graduated from the Command and General Staff College,” Williams said.
“Faith, you are the right leader, with the right experience, at the right time. And I have full confidence
that you will succeed. Welcome to the team, Colonel Junghahn’,” added Williams.
As outgoing commander, Loiseau then took to the podium to say goodbye to his soldiers, thanking
several by name.
Turning to Williams, Loiseau said, “You told me that with every order you would become a
better person, and I understand you better now.
Junghahhn began her inaugural speech at MSU by reminding the audience that she assumes
command on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attack that sparked the global war on terror.
“Today I want to take a moment to remember the day of 9/11.”

Jughahn said she served in Germany during the attack and noted many changes in the world and the military
has gone through since then. She said she was coming full circle by coming back to Europe to work again
in a unit with continued prominence in today’s military.
“We are a multifunctional force, supporting global missions,” Junghahhn said adding that she expected
its soldiers to remain courageous in future operations.
Junghahhn ended his speech by telling his troops that they are some of the best in medical support
Army units, but to continue to be technically and tactically ready for the new challenges ahead.
“You have to lean forward, always forward.”

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