DVIDS – News – 173rd Medical Group Airmen Discuss Safety in Humorous, Innovative Ways


It happens every January – the Kingsley team gets away for a day to discuss safety and how as a team they can eliminate dangerous complacency both on and off duty.

“Wing Safety Day is an opportunity for us to refocus after the long holiday season and reflect on issues that could create an accident,” said Lt. Col. Kurt Duffy, Chief Safety Officer. of the 173rd Fighter Wing. “This is our opportunity to address Airmen’s concerns by gathering information and empowering leadership to reduce risk around the wing.”

Typically, this involves all Airmen crowding into base theater for a safety-focused Wing Commander’s call, then returning to their respective stores for a discussion of store-specific items. However, like many things, COVID necessitated a change in how the Kingsley team approached the day.

173rd Fighter Wing Commander Col. Jeff Edwards started the discussion by posting a video message to Airmen encouraging them to look back on the previous year and look forward to the new year with safety in mind.

“In 2022, we know we have many challenges and it will take each of us to be vigilant so that we have safe procedures here to execute our mission,” he said.

After viewing the video, individual work centers spoke in small groups about keeping Kingsley Airmen safe; some have taken a unique approach.

Capt. Kristi Raudy, patient safety officer for the 173rd Medical Group, decided the best approach for her group would be to have each section create a short video highlighting different aspects of safety.

“We all did PowerPoint death…ugh,” Raudy said. “I thought the collective experience of the ensemble could do a fantastic job of rehashing what’s important to consider.”

While each section did a decent job of highlighting their safety topic, Raudy says the medical administration section went above and beyond to engage their audience with a humorous and informative video on safe winter driving.

“We have many members who commute, myself included…and raising awareness of safety issues that we tend to overlook could save a life,” adds Raudy.

The medical-administrative team, led by Airman 1st Class Brooke Murphy, put together a two-minute video, using their cell phones in less than 20 minutes. The short PSA featured items people should carry in their vehicles while winter driving, something to talk about with family, a few slides and trips…as well as something called mountain money….

Raudy says she was impressed with their innovation and dedication. “What a stunning performance and fast follow-up. They could have done a basic presentation, but they took it to the next level and had fun with it…it really helped connect with their audience.

Date taken: 01.09.2022
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