Dr Doug Hankes to lead Auburn’s athletics and sports psychology advisory team


AUBURN, Ala.Dr Doug Hankes, a licensed psychologist with 25 years of national leadership in sports and exercise psychology, will be the executive director of Auburn Athletics’ sports counseling and psychology.

Including Hankes and Dr Joanna Foss, Auburn’s sports psychology and counseling team will be comprised of three fully certified staff while utilizing academic and community resources and expertise, providing Auburn with one of the most comprehensive support services in Interuniversity athletics for the mental health of student-athletes.

“Taking on the leadership of Auburn Athletics’ sports psychology and counseling team is both an exciting and humbling opportunity,” said Hankes. “My goal and that of my team is to put the mental health of student-athletes at the forefront of their Auburn experience. Student-athletes experience extraordinary levels of stress that can affect their mental health and athletic performance. Our multidisciplinary team will work with all aspects of the lives of Auburn student-athletes to give them the best possible chance for success in life and in their sport. This is another example of how the Auburn family takes care of each other.

“Put simply, Dr. Hankes’ credentials are outstanding,” sports director Allen Greene noted. “During his quarter century as a psychologist, he has built a reputation that places him among the best in the country. To say that we are delighted to have him as the head of our sports psychology and counseling team is To put it mildly. From my perspective, our team just hit a five-point home run. Auburn is committed to providing high-level student-athlete mental health care as well as elite training through sports psychology, Dr. Hankes will be an exceptional resource and a key part of the student-athlete experience.

Hankes will work with the Chief Medical Officer of Athletics as well as other student athlete support services to provide the highest level of mental health care and athletic performance support.

“Dr Hankes is internationally recognized,” said Auburn Athletics chief medical officer Dr Michael Goodlett noted. “As an expert in both sports psychology and counseling, he is a critical part of our plan to continue to provide world-class care to our student-athletes holistically.”

Hankes and his team will provide assessment, treatment planning, psychological counseling and applied sports psychology services to student-athletes while training and guiding coaches and staff.

Graduated in Alabama and Tennessee, Hankes received his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of North Texas in 1996. After working at the University of Tennessee for four years, Hankes returned to Auburn University. . He has led Auburn University’s Student Counseling and Psychology Services (SCPS) for the past 16 years. Under his leadership, SCPS achieved International Accreditation of Counseling Services and created a doctoral internship program fully accredited by the American Psychological Association.

AASP Fellow and Certified Mental Performance Consultant Emeritus, Hankes is listed on the United States Olympic and Paralympic Sport Psychology Registry. He has worked with Auburn Athletics in various fields related to sports psychology since returning to Auburn in 1998.

Hankes has served on the boards of the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 47 Society for Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). He recently completed a three-year term as President of Division 47.

Dr Doug Hankes


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