Diagnostic robotics: use of AI to detect medical problems, technician trained on 65 million health records


Diagnostic Robotics is a company that aims to alert you to any medical issues with their AI, and they aim to detect issues or abnormalities in their health before you have to go to the hospital. It aims to provide a vision of preventive medicine and detection, aimed at reducing health care needs and drastic measures or operations in the future.

Diagnostic robotics: AI to detect medical problems, avoid the worst

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“Prevention is better than cure”, goes the old saying, and Diagnostic robotics is with this in mind to avoid any worrying cases and trips to the hospital for potentially fatal situations. Instead of making hospitals the last place for a sick person to go, the company wants to showcase its AI to help figure out the steps to take to get the best possible medical care.

The company offers a monthly subscription to detect health issues even before they manifest into their most serious symptoms, which most people tend to ignore.

According Tech Crunch, the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company, recently raised $45 million in funding that would help it improve its artificial intelligence for the progression of its system. Moreover, paying for their services is cheaper than having to undergo surgery which can cost much more than their preventative measures.

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Diagnostic Robotics AI is trained on 65 million health records

Kira Radinsky, CEO and co-founder of Diagnostic Robotics, said “it’s about delivering the right intervention, at the right time, to the right patient.”

Diagnostic Robotics prides itself on its AI which has been trained from 65 million health records which can identify any problem that is currently occurring in the body which mostly remains undetected even by professionals.

Additionally, the Tel Aviv-based company aims to help address the shortage of medical professionals on the ground, with AI detecting issues that may need to be addressed.

AI for health is a massive business now

One of the primary uses of AI in healthcare is in disease detection and diagnosis, and major healthcare providers are using deep learning technology to help them in their search for the cause. It is a progression in health care and helps doctors make an accurate diagnosis and identify the true source of disease.

Many AIs have been developed by researchers to detect any significant problem in the body, with significant application for it focusing on heart problems.

There is an AI project that researchers have developed to detect heart problems that could soon lead to cardiac death in 10 years, and this system aims to prevent that from happening.

Moreover, there is another use of AI in health technologies, with different applications that the world can benefit from.

AI in the medical field also aims to solve the problem of shortage of doctors and accelerate health problems.

Today, a new company aims to provide artificial intelligence for health purposes, and it promises early detection of different medical conditions before symptoms start to appear. Intervention in drastic situations puts more emphasis on solving medical problems instead of going to hospitals with a bad case of illness or disease, using AI to further progress.

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