County officials and medical experts believe local schools will revert to online learning due to COVID infections


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The number of COVID-19 infections continues to rise, and with more cases on Thursday, the news is not good. Some local schools may need to revert to distance learning.

Dr. Amy Edwards, an infectious disease specialist at teaching hospitals, told 19 News: “I’ll tell you we’re worried. As as a collective group, your doctors who care for you and your children, we are worried about what the next four to eight weeks will be like. “

This is when the fourth wave of COVID-19 and the Delta variant are really expected to increase in northeastern Ohio, “One child who dies of COVID is too many children who die , and it’s gonna be a lot worse than that. Dozens of children are dying from COVID, ”said Dr Edwards.

She admits that she doesn’t believe the children’s deaths will be apocalyptic, but she believes it will be devastating.

Cuyahoga County Director Armond Budish believes young people and children are at risk with the Delta variant so aggressive that “COVID is getting worse again. All but one county in Ohio is experiencing high levels of spread, the highest category given by the CDC. While we want children to be able to attend school in person, the more our numbers increase, the greater the possibility that schools have to be far away. “

Dr Edward agrees, saying she believes schools will have little choice in this matter because our communities did not take the appropriate steps to protect children or society as a whole when they heard. talking about the Delta variant, “We’re just starting to see the at the very beginning of this fourth peak, it can still be stopped, but people need to act today.” But they won’t, so yes our kids will go to school online. I don’t see any way for this not to happen.

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