Community-led health care for internally displaced people


Focus on prevention

In an environment where malaria is endemic and living conditions are precarious, health prevention is extremely important.

Pascal lives on the Ugudo Zii IDP site and was elected by his community to be RECO. “I go door to door and show people good practices that can help prevent disease,” he says. “A lot of problems come from water that is not stored properly, which then becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes and can become contaminated and cause diarrhea and other health problems.

“Sometimes we bring people together and talk to them about vaccinations, family planning and the criteria for admission to health centers. I am proud of what I do and my community appreciates it. Good hygiene practices and good knowledge make a big difference, ”explains Pascal.

The RECOs are supported in their work by our health promoters (HCPs) who train them and monitor their work. Another added value of this approach is that it allows our teams to observe the spread of diseases at the community level.

“This allows us to have early surveillance and alerts, so that we can act in time to prevent epidemics and other emergencies, or at least minimize the need for emergency responses as much as possible,” Manantsoa explains.


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