CEO Coalition Releases Report Reviewing Safety Efforts to Protect Members of the Healthcare Team


Report outlines system-wide transformation initiatives to recruit and retain workers

SAN JOSE, CA., October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The CEO Coalition has released its first report examining organizational safety efforts that protect the fair treatment of healthcare workers and preserve their physical, psychological and emotional well-being. The report, which is built from in-depth interviews with healthcare system CEOs, nurse leaders, physicians, experience managers and other industry experts, addresses the intersection of these areas. to create a workplace where team members feel safe, free from prejudice, and able to practice with compassion and purpose.

“The CEO Coalition is redefining safety in healthcare and redefining policies and processes to rebuild trust and recruit and retain healthcare workers to challenge the great quit,” said Liz Boehm, Head of Research and Learning Community for the CEO Coalition. “Stories of disruptive health systems are featured throughout the new report, illustrating how to deploy recovery resources now and invest in human-centered solutions and culture transformation to improve and sustain safety and well-being. to be team members in the future.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new visibility to the selfless acts of courage and relentless dedication of nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, environmental service workers and other members of the healthcare team. It has also amplified the physical and emotional risks team members face, accelerated clinician burnout, and exposed systemic inequities.

In the CEO Coalition’s report, clinical leaders and health system leaders speak candidly about the pandemic policies and practices their organizations plan to maintain, the solutions they’ve employed to help team members recover from the trauma caused by COVID-19, the technologies deployed to reduce cognitive load and protect staff from workplace violence, and the planned leadership transformation strategies needed to build a system of safety and well-being.

Research participants shared their insights and front-line experiences that guide their future plans, with a focus on the support needed from external stakeholders to accelerate and sustain systematic initiatives. The CEO Coalition’s first report presents this information in six categories, which include a series of stories that dig deeper into key practices in each area:

  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Well-being support
  • Improved processes and technology
  • Reduction of workplace violence
  • Equity and anti-racism
  • People-centered leadership

The report also highlights external factors that help or hinder efforts to foster long-term systemic change. To download a copy of the CEO Coalition report, Click hereor visit

About the CEO Coalition
The CEO Coalition, co-founded by 10 healthcare CEOs across the United States, is dedicated to protecting the physical safety, emotional well-being, and fair treatment of all who work in healthcare. Focused on the safety and well-being of team members, the CEO Coalition released the Heart of Safety Statement of Principles outlining three pillars of change needed to build a future of caring, trust and justice in health . The co-founders of the CEO Coalition sparked a national movement and are turning the Declaration into an action plan for meaningful and lasting change. They have since been joined by other health system leaders who share their commitment. For more information, visit

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