Campaign Highlights How Cleaning Reduces Workplace Illness and Health Care Costs


With 29 million Americans contracting colds and flu each year, employers have become keenly aware of how the cost of illness in the workplace generates additional health care costs, creates loss of productivity, and reduces the general well-being of employees.

National commercial cleaning franchise brand JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting continues its “Protect Tomorrow” campaign, which calls for an effort to continue routine commercial cleanings as cold and flu season approaches.

The company intends to use the campaign to promote the importance of regular cleaning services, how it contributes to the health of workers and helps reduce costs to businesses associated with sick leave.

According to a study by the Integrated Benefits Institute, a national nonprofit organization providing modeling and measurement tools through employee benefit programs, employers spent more than US $ 50 billion on poor employee health. employees in April 2021, which represents an increase of 117%. from a previous analysis conducted at the same time last year.

This study includes potential sick leave wages, short-term disability payments, and employee benefit expenses. Another study found that for every dollar of the nearly $ 950 billion spent on health care benefits, $ 0.61 in additional productivity is lost through illness and injury.

Days of absence due to illness resulting in “lost productivity” totaled nearly 1.5 billion days per year for all employees and cost employers $ 3,900 per employee.

JAN-PRO said that with the flu and the cold season quickly approaching, it is particularly relevant to highlight the relationship between sick days and the cost of lost productivity until 2021, demonstrating the need to keep employees healthy for their well-being and their employers.

On the other hand, employees also suffer financially for having taken a sick day. In the “Worried Sick: US Workers and the Burden of Sick Day Stress” survey released in January by MD Live, it is estimated that American workers spend an average of $ 277 for each sick day they take. These expenses result from medical care, supplies and lost income. Additionally, the cost of sick leave appears to be increasing: 45% of people said taking sick leave cost them more in the past year than in years prior to 2020.

“As more and more employees commute to work every day, it is critical that business owners implement a cleaning and disinfection plan to prevent disease-causing germs from viruses and bacteria in order to providing employees with a clean and safe workplace, ”said Gary Bauer, JAN-PRO Brand President.

“Employees and customers will want to know how their businesses and local leaders keep them safe,” Bauer said. “It will also be crucial for business owners and their employees to be able to explain how they create a safe and clean environment as the number of illnesses contracted is expected to increase.


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