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Staff Photo / Ron Selak Jr. Dr Muhammad Momen, Medical Director of Psychiatric Services at Trumbull Regional Medical Center, stands inside one of the five new secure psychiatric rooms that make up the new Behavioral Health Suite of the ‘hospital.

WARREN – The emergency department at the Trumbull Regional Medical Center has undergone a significant change to provide, together with Coleman Health Services, dedicated and safe care for behavioral and mental health patients.

Emergency Department-Linked Behavioral Health Suite is the result of a $ 1.63 million renovation, undertaken to respond to a steadily increasing number of ER mental health patients, many of whom often have complex needs. in behavioral health.

“With the simple growth in the number of patients with complex behavioral health needs, we decided we needed to develop a more efficient, safer and more conducive space to meet these complex needs.” said Dr Bob Moosally, Central Region President for Emergency Medicine at Steward Health Care and Emergency Medical Director at Trumbull Regional. “The objective of this unit was to create a space facilitating the care of these patients for the patients themselves, their families and so that our practitioners can take care of their care. “

The suite opened in June. A ribbon cut was Thursday.

“The other thing it does is it helps us provide an area where care is more specialized, so the nursing that is back here is approaching the behavioral health component of emergency medicine care rather. than having a wide range of different types of patient complaints or patient concerns or illness ” Moosally said.

The space has five secure psychiatric rooms to separate behavioral health patients from medical patients and put them on a fast track for specialist psychiatric services rather than potentially waiting for long periods in the emergency room.

The walls are bare and the televisions are protected by an enclosure. Medical equipment is not left in the room, but taken when needed and removed afterwards.

Detection is done immediately in the emergency room, whether the person declares himself, comes with his family or is brought by the police. Rather than having an initial assessment and being placed with other trauma patients in the emergency room, as soon as a mental health patient arrives, he / she will be seen by a team of specialists and assigned a bed in the hospital. unit, said Dr Muhammad Momen, medical director of psychiatric services at Trumbull Regional.

Kent-based Coleman Health Services, which has an office in downtown Warren, provides all behavioral health services.

These services include assessments, placing the patient for inpatient treatment, drug rehab or in the crisis unit, or connecting the person with community resources, said Katie Cretella, director of services at access to Coleman health services.

The group will be staffing the suite 24 hours a day throughout the year.

“It really provides more targeted and individualized care”, said Cretella.

The renovation also included a new, fast-track unit with three treatment rooms to treat injuries and more minor illnesses with a connected waiting area.

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