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Welcome to the Saints Mailbag.

Each week during the season, I select a few questions from my Twitter mentions and emails to try and satisfy your holy curiosities.

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Here are some of the questions you asked ahead of the Saints’ game against the Seattle Seahawks:

How many IR players can the Saints hope to collect this week?

A: To make up for you, the Saints nominated seven players for the return of the injured reserve earlier this week – linebacker Kwon Alexander, defensive end Marcus Davenport, kicker Wil Lutz, wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith, tight end Nick Vannett, cornerback Ken Crawley and linebacker Chase Hansen.

I think it’s a tall order for the Saints to bring them all seven back this week. If I had to make an educated guess, I think Smith has the best chance of coming back.

Either way, the Saints will have to make many matching moves to bring them back as the Saints list is at 52 on Saturday afternoon. The 53rd player was wide receiver Chris Hogan, who retired this week.

When all the injured players return, what does that mean for those who replace them?

A: It depends on the player.

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When Wil Lutz is healthy, the Saints will likely part ways with Brian Johnson after his minimum time is up.

When Kwon Alexander returns, I can’t imagine the Saints completely eliminating the role of Pete Werner. Asked about it earlier this week, defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said this week that the Saints “must continue to find clichés for everyone.”

As for Tre’Quan Smith (and Michael Thomas), the Saints could part ways with one or two receivers and potentially mix up the practice squad. We have to wait to find out more on that front, especially with Hogan’s retirement and Deonte Harris’ injury.

Why no David Onyemata this week?

A: His suspension was six games, not six weeks. Typically, these terms would be used interchangeably, but the Saints had a week off early on, so the emphasis on games is important.

It’s also a bit confusing as the minimum time missed for Michael Thomas is six weeks, not six games. Easy to mix these things up.

Onyemata may return to the squad next week, while Thomas may be removed from the list of those physically unable to play whenever medical staff allow him to do so.

Nice story about babies named after Taysom Hill. Wondering if people named their children after Drew Brees?

A: They sure did, but with Andrew and Drew already being common names, it’s impossible to know how many parents have gone the conventional route using Drew Brees as inspiration. Now parents who named their kids Brees on the other hand, it’s easier to find out where this one probably came from.

According to Social Security administration data, there have been at least 190 babies named Brees since 2010.

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