AMDA Emergency Relief #8: Crisis in Ukraine (March 20, 2022) – Hungary


Aid work in Hungary:

Since March 18, the joint AMDA-TICO relief team has been providing medical assistance at a medical outpost in Beregsurany Support Center for Ukrainian evacuees. The team is on standby 24/7 with a Hungarian doctor to attend to various medical needs.

Beregsurany is a satellite village through which approximately 700 to 1,000 people fleeing Ukraine transit daily to get to Budapest, the capital. The team dispenses medication while caring for patients with minor ailments such as allergies.

Meanwhile, AMDA was informed * earlier that there had been a shortage of medical personnel in Zahony, a Hungarian border town whose local train station offered medical services to evacuees. After going on site for the expertise on March 18, AMDA is now working to send a doctor on the 20th.

*Initial information was provided by a Ukrainian doctor from Kalpatalja Haz, a humanitarian organization based in Kisvarda, Hungary. Kalpatalja Haz has collaborated with AMDA and TICO to supply medical products to Ukrainian hospitals.

The third **ADMA-TICO Rescue Team:

On March 19, two doctors left Japan to join the ground crew in Hungary. One of the doctors said he would try to provide proper medical care to evacuees after carefully determining what is really needed for those withstanding the harshest conditions. They must arrive in Budapest on the 20th (local time).

On the one hand, the Japanese nurse who was to go to Holland reached Hungary on March 18. Accompanied by an AMDA coordinator in Budapest, the nurse will travel to Kisvarda on the 19th.

**TICO, partner of AMDA, is a humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.


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