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Loans up to 150,000 kr. Fixed low interest rate

With zaemus you can borrow up to DKK 150,000 with a fixed low interest rate. No hidden fees, but full transparency. Easy, fast and safe.

At zaemus you can borrow up to 150,000 DKK for a period of 1 year to 10 years. You decide on how much you want to borrow, and how long you wish for the installment.

If you want to count on a loan from zaemus, go directly to our zaemus Loan Calculator or visit zaemus and calculate the loan there.

With zaemus there are no hidden fees, you get a low interest rate and you can pay off whenever you want. Make a non-binding application and get an answer right away.

Loans up to 150,000 kr.

zaemus Finans offers loans from DKK 10,000 and up to $ 150,000. Thus, zaemus Finans belongs to the group of large consumer loans, where you can borrow 100,000 DKK or more.

The other options for large consumer loans are as follows:

  • Bank Norwegian (Cheap loans up to 400,000 kr.)
  • Santander Private Loans plus (Loans up to 350,000 DKK at an interest rate of only 3.9%. You can also borrow as 18 years old.)
  • Lendme (Offer Service that receives loans from several banks – Loans up to 300,000 kr.)
  • Resource Bank (Loans up to 300,000 DKK at a low interest rate. Option to borrow as 18 years old.)
  • Spargo Finance (Loans up to DKK 150,000. Offered by Leasy / D | E | R Group.)
  • Smart loan (Loans up to DKK 150,000 with a low interest rate)
  • Phoenix Personal Loans (Loans up to 100,000 kr. Offered by leasy / D | E | R Group.)
  • D | E | R (The perhaps most well-known loan provider in Denmark – loan up to 100,000 kr.)

No hidden fees

At zaemus you pay a setup fee and then interest only. You will not find any other fees. Therefore, you avoid unpleasant surprises and things that you should have read with small ones. Here is everything visible. One fixed creation fee and then the fixed rate, which is fixed throughout the term of the loan. If you want to compare the loan with other loans, we recommend that you look at OPOP. These are all costs of a loan converted to a total annual interest rate. OPP is obliged to disclose to all loan providers. Therefore, OPP may be useful to you who will find the cheapest overall price.

Low interest rate

At zaemus you get an interest rate of just 6.93%. Your final interest rate depends on your credit rating. If the assessment is good, you can lock the interest rate at 6.93% throughout the term of the loan. This is regardless of whether interest rates generally had to rise during the loan period. The offered interest rate at zaemus Finans allows you to keep through the entire loan period.

An interest rate below 10% is usually considered for a very good interest rate on a consumer loan. The absolute lowest interest rate in Denmark is on a loan from Santander , where the interest rate can be as low as 3.90%

New loan, known provider

zaemus is a brand new loan. However, do not fear bad customer service or other bad surprises. zaemus is offered by the well-known Leasy / D | E | R Group. You will thus be secured new loan options, but from an experienced provider, you have been serving the Danish loan market for many years.

Pay the loan whenever you want

When you take a loan at zaemus Finans, you must of course pay the monthly installments with the fixed interest rate. However, if you have the option to pay the loan before time, you always have the freedom without costing you. You decide, therefore, whether you want to move on with the loan or if you want to pay it out, thus losing interest.

The most important thing for you is therefore to make sure that you can afford the monthly installments. If you get better advice than this, you will not be able to pay on the loan, but can always pay it free of charge.

Sign with NemID

Should it be fast, easy and safe? Then NemID is the way forward. At zaemus you can sign with NemID. This eliminates the difficulty with manual signatures. The loan can be approved and paid much faster, since you will not have to wait for your application to arrive with the mail. In addition, it’s a much safer solution when your connection is encrypted. The old manual solution with signature and mail shipment could in fact be lost and opened by unauthorized persons. You do not risk this with the secure NemID solution.

With zaemus you can get your loan application approved within 1 hour and the loan paid within the next 24 hours. It’s fast, easy and safe.

Get quick response to your application

When you apply for a loan from zaemus, you can expect to respond to your application within 1 hour. This requires that you apply within normal opening hours. In some cases, you will receive an answer immediately, even outside normal opening hours. However, if your application is to be reviewed manually (which is very normal), then an employee will review your application within 1 hour of opening hours.

The application is non-binding

When you apply for a loan at zaemus, it is 100% non-binding. Your application is purely a request for a loan offer. Only when you have the loan offer you can take a final position on the loan. Therefore you can freely apply for a loan and then in peace and peace review the offer. If the offer is satisfactory then you can agree with NemID and get the money in your account. If you do not want the loan, you just leave the loan offer, and therefore do not depend on any loan.

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